April 02, 2020

After the replacement of the tires on the pavement cleaning vehicle?

The tires of the road-cleaning vehicle are also the most important part of the whole car. Just after having a healthy leg, people can run very well and quickly. The tire is directly in contact with the ground, and the suspension of the road cleaning vehicle is also used to mitigate some of the impact received by the vehicle while driving, so as to better ensure that the road cleaning vehicle has a better Smooth ride and ride comfort. After experiencing a long period of wear and tear, vehicle tires must be replaced with new ones or disassembled. Of course, it is not just after the tires have been replaced. After the replacement, some relevant tests are required to ensure the safety of the road-cleaning vehicle in the future.

1. When the tires are dismantled and replaced, new tires need to be balanced. After a vehicle tire is mounted on a rim, it is generally not possible to have a 100% uniform weight distribution. In this case, a balancer should be used to test the balance of the rim of the tire under operational conditions. Those unbalanced points use counterweights for weighting so that the tires can run smoothly.

2. When replacing road tires with new tires, the valves need to be replaced. That's because the valve is a rubber product that is depleted, and it has some problems with the aging cycle. When replacing the new road-cleaning vehicle tires, although there appeared to be no problem with the valve at that time, in the new tire's life cycle, the valve will always be in a condition of aging, and it will also cause Some invisible security risks.

3. The road cleaning vehicle needs to perform a four-wheel alignment when replacing a new tire, and tests the tire pressure. The positioning of the rear wheels mainly includes the camber angle of the front wheel of the rear wheel. The front wheel alignment mainly includes the front wheel toe, the main pin caster, the front wheel camber, and the kingpin tilt. The rear wheel alignment of the vehicle and the front wheel alignment add up to be called wheel alignment. Also, it is what we often call four-wheel alignment. The main function of the wheel alignment is to make the road cleaning vehicle able to maintain a relatively stable steering and lightening as well as branch lines, and also reduce the wear of the red steering mechanism and the wheel during the running of the vehicle. (Text / Sun Ni)

Product introduction

Tire Shredder is a professional shredding waste tires of mechanical equipment, using the principle of shear, can tear up the whole waste tires into 5-8cm rubber blocks, so as to smash later reuse or directly use. Tire shredding machine is my factory technical personnel on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, accumulated many years of manufacturing experience, independent research and development design and production of a green waste recycling renewable shredding equipment, has a uniform discharge, tore up the advantages of high efficiency, large capacity, reliable performance, can be widely used in waste recycling industry.

Principle of equipment

Tire shredding machine tool is made of special alloy steel (high speed steel or tool steel) by special processing technology, with good wear resistance, high strength, can be repaired, etc. The driving part is driven by heavy-duty star gear reducer, which has the characteristics of low speed, large torque and low noise. Strong rotating shaft of large Angle hexagon column, so you can safely input large pieces of raw materials, automatic detection overload protection and reverse and other functions.

Characteristics of the equipment

1. 11 knives are installed on the tire shredding machine, 44 movable knives are installed on the rotating knife shaft, and the movable knives can be used on both sides, remove and change the Angle after being blunt, and then sharpen the knives after being blunt on both sides.
2. As it is claw type moving knife, rotary cutting, and fixed knife and moving knife are the material of SKD11 imported from Japan, the hardness of which reaches HRC60° after heat treatment, so the service life is long, the cutting ability is strong, the productivity is high, the normal use of more than 1000 tons need to sharpen the knife.
3. Equipped with conveyor belt, second-stage crusher, steel wire separator, nylon separator and grinding machine, so as to achieve automation, rationalization and labor-saving.
4. Effectively reduce labor intensity and improve working environment.

Tyre Shredder

Tyre Shredder

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