July 16, 2020

Talk about the role of the spray truck

With the advancement of technology, machines have gradually replaced human labor, which not only reduces people's labor burden, but also greatly reduces labor costs and increases work efficiency. Many machines are common in our daily life, for example, Sprinklers, dust suppression cars, etc. But there are some machines that we do not understand, such as spray cars . What is the main role of sprayers ?


At present, the sprayer mainly acts on pesticide sprays in the field. It is mainly operated by using a drive system and an atomization system. The drive system helps the sprayer to run automatically, and the sprayer also has a reducer installed to control the travel speed from 0.2 meters to 4 meters. Between, this can greatly increase the density of the spray, no leaking phenomenon. The traditional sprayer cannot effectively atomize the drug, so the liquid can not be tight on the surface of the crop, and the sprayer improves the drawbacks of the traditional sprayer. The air compressor can be used to provide 0.4 to 4 MPa compressed air. Liquid atomization is more pronounced.

At present, the sprayer can not only spray pesticides, but also can also be used as a pump. Especially in dry weather, when the agricultural crops in the fields are largely deprived of water, the sprayer can pump water from the lake to effectively relieve drought and reduce crops. Loss.

Nebulizers are needed not only in the fields but also in many places of daily life. In areas where the spread of viruses and germs is very serious, especially in densely populated public places such as hospitals and schools, large areas need to be disinfected. The sprayer can play a very good role. Spraying the liquid in the air can reduce the air volume. The content of viruses and bacteria reduces the probability of infectious diseases.

According to different types of use, the type of sprayer can be mainly divided into agricultural, medical, and other uses. The pests prevent and control the harvest of agricultural products. Therefore, agricultural sprayers play a decisive role in the sustained high yield of agriculture.

Various kinds of industrial control cabinets for customers are customized, which are mainly divided into strong electric control cabinet, weak current control cabinet, all kinds of single machine control cabinets and all kinds of single machine control cabinets.

The strong electric control cabinet has modular combination electric cabinet, GGD control cabinet, PLC control cabinet and so on. The weak current control cabinet adopts special PVC material to make the process simulation screen, which can clearly and intuitively reflect the operation process and facilitate monitoring.

The user can choose the control mode combined with the central control of the analog screen and the computer control ingredients or the computer complete screen control mode.

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