July 16, 2020

Wading Driving Collection

Just in July, Hubei suffered a catastrophic flood once in a century. This made Pharaoh really unhappy. The car that he had just bought last month would have to be so forbidden to wade? Lao Wang certainly did not do it, but encountered the difficult problem of wandering. Pharaoh is also very anxious, always can not make money every day! He also saw the treasured wading travel collection on the China Automotive Network. After this collection, Pharaoh did not worry about wading!

one. Exploring

The expedition is of course the depth of the water. The driver must be clear about where the maximum wading depth of the vehicle is. In general, as long as the vehicle is not extinguished, the accumulated water is generally not poured into the exhaust pipe. Therefore, the height of the vehicle intake often determines the size of the vehicle's wading ability. (Under the premise that the vehicle is not extinguished), the wading ability of the vehicle is determined by the height of the tire in the accumulated water. Under normal circumstances, the tire below 2/3 height is a safe wading range, but due to the difference in hub size, it is recommended that everyone is still half of the default height of the tire to be a safe wading height.


two. level

The so-called leveling is a smooth passage. After we have gone through a deep test, if it is confirmed that the water in front of you does not pose a threat to your car, then you should also be cautious when passing through. The vehicle should hang a low gear, stabilize the steering wheel, and throttle, as far as possible. At one go, uniform speed, to avoid the occurrence of shifting and other situations, should not stop halfway. Even if there is a sudden situation, you must avoid the flameout of the vehicle. At the same time, wipers can be turned on, as splashes of water may cover the front windshield and affect the driver's sight. After ensuring the safety through the wading lot, don't forget to take a look and your own license plate is still not in, because if the speed is fast, the water will be flushed and the license plate will be easily washed out by the water.

Three. Check

When you have safely passed through the wading area, you should drive to a stable area. Then check that all the parts on the vehicle are complete. Check if the ignition system of the engine has water. If yes, use a dry cloth to damp the electrical system. Wipe clean to prevent short circuit, open circuit and other faults. Including whether the tire is damaged, whether the underside of the tire is covered with aquatic weeds, and whether the radiator radiator is not blocked by leaf debris. Clean the vehicle in time, start the engine, let the engine idling for a few minutes to reach a normal temperature, and try to dry the engine and the engine room with water and moisture.

IV. Self-help

It is most important that the vehicle cannot restart the engine once it is wading and turning off. Because restarting the engine will cause the water inlet cylinder to be impacted by compressed water, resulting in serious engine damage, and the engine damage caused by this misoperation is within the category of insurance compensation. If it is a manual gear to turn off when wading, you can put the gear into neutral gear, release the handbrake, and push the vehicle to a place with high ground until the rescue. If it is an automatic transmission model, it is best to directly place the gear into the N position. If the stalls do not panic after the wading stalls in the P file, because many automatic transmission models of the transmission manufacturers have set up an emergency mechanical unlocking method, the location of the unlocking button is generally next to the shifter. If your car is equipped with electronic handbrake, you should also avoid the use of electronic handbrake.

This time, Pharaoh finally knew how to drive safely when the vehicle waded! His wife does not have to worry about wading!

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