July 16, 2020

What are the main types of refrigerated truck?

The refrigerated truck is a necessary assistant for transportation. Its existence is indispensable, especially the transportation of some fresh fruits and vegetables and some frozen foods. Refrigerator trucks greatly facilitate people. But for refrigerated trucks, we all know what types of them are mainly divided into?


According to the classification of refrigerated trucks can generally be divided into two categories, one is refrigerated trucks, and the other is thermal insulation cars. The refrigerated truck is a heat-insulated compartment with a refrigeration device that can be transported over long distances. Insulated cars have insulated cars, which are adapted for short-distance insulation transportation. If the refrigerating system is divided into refrigerated trucks and refrigerated trucks, the refrigerating system can be divided into refrigerated trucks and dry-ice refrigerated trucks.

According to the requirements of the cargo temperature, according to the classification of the temperature inside the cabin is also different. First of all, transport frozen foods, frozen meats, aquatic products, and frozen foods. Their storage temperature is below minus eighteen degrees Celsius, and they can generally be stored for a relatively long period of time. During the transportation of these foods, it is possible to use a refrigerated vehicle that can set the temperature in the compartment to be minus eighteen degrees.

Followed by some frozen foods, that is, cold meat and poultry eggs. Their transportation temperature is required to ensure that the food is not frozen and that the temperature is lower. Such foods can be transported in refrigerated trucks with car temperatures ranging from zero degrees Celsius to minus ten degrees Celsius.

The last is fruits and vegetables. This kind of food is more complicated in transportation. Because different vegetables and fruits require different temperatures, some fruits and vegetables still have respiration after they are picked. These effects breed respiratory heat, so the refrigerating units of refrigerated trucks are required to provide more. The amount of cold is sometimes added in time. Of course, there is one more point for the transportation of fruits and vegetables, that is, they also need a certain amount of water, and this needs technical personnel to consider. However, most refrigerated trucks can transport vegetables and fruits, but the people who need to be transported here must have certain experience and skills.

The above is the classification of refrigerated trucks . Do you understand?

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