July 16, 2020

The internal production principle of refrigerated truck

Refrigerated trucks are vehicles that are used to transport some fresh foods. What are their production principles as important transportation vehicles? What makes them have such different designs? Let's look at them together today.


Studies of people know refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks compression refrigeration unit mainly composed of a refrigerant compressor, a condenser, a throttle valve and an evaporator, etc., although these different sets of devices mounted together in a fast, but they The volume is small. Here, the compressor is the host of the refrigerator. He can compress the low-pressure refrigerant gas from the evaporator through the piston, make it a high-temperature high-pressure gas, and discharge it to the condenser. Then the gas is obtained in the condensation gas. liquefaction. It can be learned that the refrigerant gas can be continuously sucked from the evaporator, and then the refrigerant is evaporatively compressed and sent to the condenser, and at the same time maintaining the difference between the pressure at the suction end and the discharge end, driving the cooling The agent circulates in one direction in a closed system, and cooperates with its main components to complete its phase change. This is the role of the compressor.

The condenser of a refrigerated truck is one of the heat exchangers, and water or air is often used as its cooling medium, so that the heat evaporating the refrigerant can be transferred to the cooling water or the air, so that the high temperature and high pressure Refrigerant vapor condenses into a liquid under pressure. Therefore, it can be said that the condenser is the key component that makes the refrigerant from the gaseous state to the liquid state. The throttle valve is also called the expansion valve. When the refrigerant liquid flows out of the condenser and passes through the throttle valve, both the pressure and the temperature will decrease due to throttling. From the condensation pressure to the evaporation pressure, the condensation temperature To the evaporation temperature. In these processes, the important role of the throttle valve in the refrigeration system of a refrigerated truck is to throttle down the pressure, which is also a critical step.

Here we see that there have some understanding of the principle of making it inside refrigerated trucks, refrigerated trucks refrigeration is the use of technology to produce an insurance environment, and then use this environment for some fresh were transported.

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