July 03, 2020

What are the three camps for car maintenance?

Nowadays more and more people have bought cars, which is convenient for us to travel. At the same time, car maintenance has become a topic of concern for riders. At the same time, auto repair shops and roadside convenience shops are also more and more, the car maintenance industry can be roughly divided into three categories, convenience stores, chain stores, 4S stores, many car owners do not know where to go for maintenance, today is north Mai Net Xiaobian will give you an analysis of the three camps of car maintenance and repair ? Read the following article you will be clear.


1, the roadside shop is cheap but difficult to guarantee quality


Roadside stores have the lowest maintenance costs compared to the first two. The price advantage is the most important reason why many car owners often go to the roadside store for maintenance. Although some of the technicians in the roadside shops have been repairing various vehicles all the year round, they have rich experience in practice. But the disadvantage of the roadside shop is that the quality of the accessories cannot be guaranteed. The price is cheap, and there must be profit, the quality of the accessories is relatively poor, this point, the owner of the roadside store maintenance should be psychologically prepared.

2, chain fast repair shop cost-effective


4S shop is reassuring is not absolute. In contrast, savvy car owners will choose more fast repair shops. There are not many chain-type fast repair shops in the Dongguan market, and they have not yet formed a scale. Therefore, the space for selection is actually not large. However, if you can choose a fast repair shop to carry out car maintenance, the price will be relatively cheaper, and the quality can be assured. Go to the 4S shop for maintenance once, and the cost ranges from 400 to 700 yuan. But at the same price, in the repair shop, you can use better accessories and better oil.

3, 4S shop is expensive but safe


The 4S store is a sales store that integrates car sales, repairs, accessories and information services. The 4S shop is usually a dealer authorized by the manufacturer, and has close contact with various manufacturers. Therefore, the original parts that can be easily purchased in the 4S shop are guaranteed.

However, for most car owners, a casually available accessory in a 4S store is twice as expensive as an outside store, making them feel uneconomical. In addition, it is also a long time for the owner to go to the 4S shop for maintenance, usually in about two hours.

These are the three camps of the car repair and maintenance that Beimai.com has compiled for you. I hope it will help you. You can choose according to your actual situation, not necessarily expensive service, cheaper will not work. Friends can choose to familiarize themselves with the maintenance. If there is a big problem in the car, Xiaobian recommends going to the 4S shop for repair. It is still relatively reliable. After all, this is a big deal that is not sloppy.

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