July 16, 2020

The foreigners of these cars do not care about the people of the country but pay great attention to them.

Some car configurations call it "chicken ribs," which is not an exaggeration. It is a shame to discard them. However, they become the standard when people choose cars. They love them to be hopeless, but Ren does not care about them at all.

1, headlight cleaning

Headlamp cleaning is like a function that can divide the area, especially in the area south of the Yangtze River. It is useless! Because the biggest function of headlamp cleaning is when the snow covering the headlights causes the lighting to fail to light properly. It is snow.

2, dual zone automatic air conditioning

In the narrow space of the car, the temperature of the left and right air outlets is not very useful. The high temperature inside the car will transfer heat to the low temperature area, which ultimately results in no obvious effect of air conditioning in the dual temperature zone or multiple temperature zone.

3, chrome decoration

Well, when it comes to this chrome decoration, you definitely understand it! Think about it, foreigners know that Chinese people like this, so every car into the country is covered in chrome, more car prices to chrome-plated front, all models are like this, they still feel pretty.

4, double exhaust pipe

Absolute tasteless, it is estimated to see more of the United States within the large section of the super run, but why in their own car is also a whole bunch of this. Oh, yes, car modification can also be changed into these two exhaust pipes, the price is not cheap!

5, smoked black wheels

The smoked black wheels are now popular, but this decoration will neither improve the visual effect nor enhance the performance. I really don't see what it does!

6, leather seat

Similarly, more than 80% of people who buy a car require leather seats. In fact, many of them are not real leather. Some poor quality leatherettes are sources of car odors and pollution.

And regardless of whether the car is a weaving seat or a leather seat, it will buy a seat bag.

It is the same to buy woven cloth and genuine leather at the end!

The six foreigners do not care at all, and the Chinese love the dead car configuration. Have you ever thought of them before you?

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