January 28, 2022

· Beijing sharing bicycles over 1.6 million vehicles will consider research total control

Beijing shared bicycle guidance will be officially announced in the near future
On September 5, the Municipal Transportation Commission organized the opening day of the Traffic Monitoring and Dispatching Center (TOCC) of the city to introduce the traffic data monitoring to the public and respond to the public's concerns. At present, shared bicycle data information such as Mobike bicycles has been included in the management. Beijing's shared bicycle guidance will be officially released in the near future. After statistics, the total number of shared bicycles in Beijing exceeded 1.6 million, and Beijing will consider studying total control.
   Shared bicycle operation data can be monitored
On September 5, the Municipal Transportation Commission organized a government open day event, inviting more than 30 people from all walks of life to represent the civic representatives, deputies to the National People's Congress, members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, and social supervisors who are enthusiastic about public affairs. Referred to as TOCC), understand Beijing traffic big data monitoring.
At present, the entire platform has formed 41 application systems for high-speed operation, more than 6,000 real-time data collection of static and dynamic data, more than 60,000 channels of video dynamic transmission, and 24-hour all-day monitoring. It is big to analyze the traffic operation rules, predict the traffic operation trend, and master the overall operation dynamics of the road network. It is so small that each road is blocked now, which road is occupying road construction, which highway is being closed in foggy weather, which one? The subway transfer channel is crowded, and this information will be released by TOCC as soon as possible.
The Beijing Youth Daily reporter watched the big screen and found that when monitoring the road conditions, it can clearly show which roads are slow and accurate to the specific speed. The current operation of various types of transportation can be monitored through the monitoring system. In addition to the regular bus and subway traffic monitoring, the system also includes operational data of shared bicycle companies such as Mobike bicycles, which can be used to view the operation of bicycles at various locations.
  Will study the management of shared bicycles
Some citizens have reported that shared bicycles are parked in the community, affecting travel, and hope to manage through data. Zhou Zhengyu, director of the Municipal Transportation Commission, said that the total amount of shared bicycles in some cities is too large and has been controlled. But now the standard number of shared bicycles is exactly what everyone is exploring. There are now 1.6 million in Beijing, and it is likely to increase. However, this number will not increase all the time. The enterprise will have self-discipline behavior and reach a certain scale. If the number of rides does not increase, it will not be put into operation. At the same time, the city's shared bicycle guidance will be introduced in the near future, and will be studied again after the introduction. At the same time, sharing electric bicycles will face management restrictions and will not be available in the future.
  The city is building a parking management platform
The reporter of Beiqing Daily found that there is a system for managing parking on the big platform. The operational data of the parking lot can also be displayed, including the total number of parking spaces and the number of empty parking spaces in a parking lot.
Zhou Zhengyu introduced that the parking census data in Beijing has come out. The city is constructing a parking management platform that integrates vehicle information from all parking lots. Future parking spaces will gradually be shared to achieve better management. For example, how to share the ownership of some units and how to price them will be studied. At present, some units in Dongcheng District have shared parking spaces for residents, and the monthly fee is 300 yuan.
In addition, public transport lanes will gradually extend. Jingtong Express, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, etc. all have bus lanes, and are set on the inside, which is more efficient. The efficiency of the use of the Third Ring Road has been improved.

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