January 28, 2022

There is no need to install fresh air system

The purpose of installing a fresh air system is to make our air quality better, but many friends will ask, is there a need for a fresh air system? Ephrini thinks it still depends on the environment and recommends installation. At the same time, the market for new winds is relatively complicated. Various brands are occupying all kinds of flags to occupy a place. There are very few who really understand the new style system. In order to avoid detours, follow the intentions of Fini's new style editors to avoid bad situations.
1, the new air system to purify the dirty air is to gust In fact, at home, to take into account the comfort, do not need strong wind, choose the right is better; and as long as the hospital will need a large amount of air, in order to dirty the operating room The air is discharged directly from below to achieve the effect.
2, only the brand name is it?
In fact, many people will deny this answer, but some brand-name products are really of good quality. Some of them are just products for the fresh air system. When choosing a fresh air system, do not believe what rankings are, you should choose a good reputation. system.
3. Does the fresh air system require upper air intake and lower air flow to comply with air flow?
First of all, we need to understand what the law of air flow is? The dirty heat will go upwards, and the contaminated air such as formaldehyde and carbon dioxide will be relatively heavy and will be stepped. If the fresh air enters the air from above, it will continue to flow into the dirty buckets. The effect is very poor. It is better to send fresh air to the trend and to hold up the dirty air and clean it thoroughly.
4. Does the fresh air system control the indoor temperature?
In fact, the fresh air system control temperature is only auxiliary, and some new air system comes with the temperature is to better purify the indoor air, but also will not lose indoor heat, but the fresh air system can be used in conjunction with the air conditioner, so that you can purify and control the temperature .
5, air-conditioning alternative fresh air suddenly appeared in recent years this statement, there is the advent of air conditioning comes with new air, will tell consumers to replace the fresh air, in fact, this is impossible. Because the new one is not purified, the air conditioning will stop working when the pressure in the room is higher than in the outdoors or when it is flat. It cannot be regarded as a new style.
The new air system is a big market trend in the future, because the air quality is too poor today, resulting in a decline in people's quality of life. To install a fresh air system, you choose the Italian Fini fresh air system, and you also have a natural home environment. For details, please contact 400 0707 868. understand more.

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