January 28, 2022

Guiding Opinions of the State Council on Creating a Healthy Growth Environment for Entrepreneurs

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Entrepreneurs are important players in economic activities. Since the reform and opening up, a large number of entrepreneurs have grown rapidly in the market competition. A large number of enterprises with core competitiveness have emerged, making important contributions to accumulating social wealth, creating jobs, promoting economic and social development, and enhancing overall national strength. It is of great significance to create an environment for entrepreneurs to grow up healthily, to promote entrepreneurship, and to give full play to the role of entrepreneurs, to deepen supply-side structural reforms, stimulate market vitality, and achieve sustained and healthy economic and social development. To this end, the following comments are made.
First, the overall requirements
Guiding ideology
Fully implement the spirit of the Party's 18th and 18th Central Committee, the 4th Middle School, the Fifth Middle School, and the Sixth Plenary Session, thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important speeches, and the new ideas, new ideas and strategies for governing the country, and strive to protect enterprises according to law. The rule of law environment for the legitimate rights and interests of the family, the market environment for promoting entrepreneurs' fair competition and integrity management, respecting and stimulating the social atmosphere of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, guiding entrepreneurs to be patriotic, law-abiding, entrepreneurial and innovative, serving the society, and mobilizing the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs Initiative, creativity, and the role of entrepreneurs, to make greater contributions to the sustained and healthy development of the economy and social harmony and stability, to achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and the Chinese nation's great rejuvenation.
2. Basic principles
- Model compliance and law enforcement, and strengthen responsibility. Protect the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law, give better play to the demonstrative role of entrepreneurs in obeying laws and obeying laws and fulfilling their responsibilities, and promote entrepreneurs to take the lead in operating according to law, consciously fulfilling social responsibilities, and establish a good political ecology, purify the social atmosphere, and create a clean atmosphere. The positive environment contributes more.
——Innovative institutional mechanisms and vitality. We will create a new type of political and business relationship between "pro" and "clear", innovate the interaction mechanism between government and enterprises, improve the positive incentive mechanism for entrepreneurs, improve the system of property rights protection, and enhance the entrepreneurial vitality and entrepreneurial drive.
——Follow the law of development and optimize the development environment. Adhere to the party's management of talents, follow the laws of the market and the law of entrepreneurial growth, improve support policies, promote the implementation of policies, strengthen entrepreneurial confidence, stabilize entrepreneurial expectations, and create a policy environment of transparency, fairness, and fairness.
—— Pay attention to the demonstration and promote the inheritance. Establish and publicize the advanced models of entrepreneurs, promote entrepreneurship, create entrepreneurial teams, strengthen the cultivation of younger generations of entrepreneurs, and let entrepreneurship pass down from generation to generation.
Second, create a legal environment to protect the legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law
3. Protect the property rights of entrepreneurs in accordance with the law. Fully implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council's opinions on improving the property rights protection system to protect property rights according to law, conscientiously solve outstanding problems in property rights protection, promptly identify and correct cases of property rights disputes that strongly reflect the society, analyze cases of infringement of property rights, and summarize and publicize the effective protection of property rights according to law. Good practice, good experience, good case. In the various aspects of legislation, law enforcement, judicature, law-abiding and other aspects, we will speed up the establishment of a long-term mechanism for equal protection of all types of economic property rights in accordance with the law. To study and establish a legally-based compensation and relief mechanism that damages the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises due to government planning adjustments and policy changes.
4. Protect entrepreneurs' innovation rights in accordance with the law. Exploring the market value of intellectual property rights in the framework of existing laws and regulations as a reference to determine the amount of damages, improve the rules of litigation evidence, evidence disclosure and evidence obstruction rules. Explore the establishment of a non-litigation administrative enforcement green channel. Research and develop intellectual property protection measures for innovations such as business models and cultural creativity.
5. Protect the entrepreneur's independent management rights according to law. Entrepreneurs shall conduct their own business activities in accordance with the law, and governments, departments and their staff at all levels shall not intervene. Establish and improve the list system for enterprises' fees, supervision and inspection, clean up the fees, assessed matters and various types of compliance assessment activities of enterprises, refine and standardize administrative enforcement conditions, and greatly reduce the burden on enterprises and reduce discretion. The right to independently join and withdraw from the Chamber of Commerce of the Industry Association is guaranteed according to law. Study and establish a national unified enterprise rights protection service platform.
Third, create a market environment that promotes entrepreneurs' fair competition and integrity management
6. Strengthen the protection of entrepreneurs' fair competition rights and interests. Implement a fair competition review system and establish the basic status of competition policy. Full implementation of the market access negative list system to ensure that all types of market entities enter the industry, fields and businesses outside the negative list in an equal manner. Oppose monopoly and unfair competition, oppose local protection, clean up and abolish various regulations and practices that hinder fair competition in the unified market, improve the market environment of equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal rules, and promote the equal use of production by all forms of ownership in accordance with the law. The elements, openness, fairness and fairness participate in market competition and are equally protected by law.
7. Improve the incentive and restraint mechanism for entrepreneurs' integrity management. Adhere to the spirit of the contract, strengthen entrepreneurial credit propaganda, implement the corporate integrity commitment system, and urge entrepreneurs to consciously abide by the law, to establish a business by faith, and to operate according to regulations. Utilize the national credit information sharing platform and the national enterprise credit information publicity system to integrate enterprise and entrepreneur information in departments and fields such as industry and commerce, finance and taxation, finance, justice, environmental protection, safety supervision, industry associations, etc., and establish personal credit records of entrepreneurs and Integrity files, joint trustworthiness and untrustworthy joint punishment.
8. Continue to improve the fairness of supervision and normative simplicity. Implement a regulatory checklist system to clarify and standardize regulatory matters, bases, subjects, authorities, content, methods, procedures, and penalties. Full implementation of "double random, one open" supervision, effectively avoiding selective law enforcement. Promote comprehensive supervision and strengthen market synergy supervision across departments and regions. Focus on food and drug safety, industrial and commercial quality inspection, public health, safe production, cultural tourism, resources and environment, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy, transportation, urban and rural construction, marine fisheries and other areas to implement comprehensive law enforcement, and actively explore cross-sectoral comprehensive law enforcement in qualified areas. Explore ways to establish prudential supervision that encourages innovation. Eliminate multiple long-term law enforcement, improve the efficiency of comprehensive law enforcement, and reduce the burden on enterprises.
Fourth, create a social atmosphere that respects and motivates entrepreneurs to start a business
9. Build a new type of political and business relationship between “pro” and “clear”. Smooth communication channels between government and enterprises, and regulate the behavior of political and business contacts. Party and government cadres at all levels must be honest and sincere to communicate with entrepreneurs, establish service awareness, understand business operations, help solve practical difficulties, and establish a working relationship of honesty, mutual trust, innocence, purity and benign interaction with entrepreneurs. Encourage entrepreneurs to actively communicate with the party committees at all levels and relevant government departments, reflect the situation through normal channels, solve problems, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law, tell the truth, talk about the truth, and build rumors. Guide more private entrepreneurs to become the model of "pro-" and "clear" new-type political-business relations. More state-owned entrepreneurs have become models of law-abiding, law-abiding, honest, self-disciplined.
10. Establish a positive incentive orientation for entrepreneurs. Create a culture and social atmosphere that encourages innovation and tolerance, and gives more understanding, tolerance and help to the failures of entrepreneurs in their legal operations. For the state-owned entrepreneurs to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of the state-owned economy, to make bold explorations and reforms in the development of enterprises, as long as they do not belong to the order, the prohibition, the improper profit, the subjective intention, the arbitrariness, etc. In the case of the situation, it is necessary to be fault-tolerant, to be responsible for the person in charge, to be responsible for the responsible person, and to support the officers.
11. Create a positive public opinion atmosphere. Adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, being objective and fair, grasping the correct direction of public opinion, strengthening propaganda and reporting on the advanced deeds and outstanding contributions of entrepreneurs, demonstrating entrepreneurship, concentrating on the positive energy of innovation and entrepreneurship, creating respect for entrepreneurial value, encouraging entrepreneurial innovation, The public opinion atmosphere that plays the role of entrepreneurs.
5. Carrying forward the spirit of entrepreneurial patriotism, dedication, law-abiding and arduous struggle
12. Guide entrepreneurs to establish lofty ideals and beliefs. Strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs and socialist core values ​​for entrepreneurs, especially the younger generation of private entrepreneurs, carry out excellent revolutionary traditions, situation policies, law-abiding integrity education, train entrepreneurs' sense of national mission and national pride, and guide entrepreneurs to correct Deal with the relationship between national interests, corporate interests, employee interests and personal interests, and integrate personal ideals into the great practice of national rejuvenation.
13. Strengthen entrepreneurs to consciously abide by the law and a sense of law. Entrepreneurs should consciously operate in accordance with the law, govern enterprises according to law, defend their rights according to law, strengthen their sense of integrity, and actively resist illegal activities such as tax evasion, smuggling, smuggling, fraud, environmental pollution, and infringement of intellectual property rights, without cutting corners and shortfalls. Second, shoddy and other guilty things, in the compliance with law and order to compete for social standards. Party members and entrepreneurs should consciously abide by the party's political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, mass discipline, work discipline, and life discipline.
14. Encourage entrepreneurs to maintain the spirit of hard work and struggle. Encourage entrepreneurs to strive for self-improvement, diligence and thrift, against hedonism, to refrain from extravagant winds, and to maintain a healthy and uplifting life. Enterprises encounter difficulties, and they must strengthen their confidence, meet challenges, and work hard. If the business is successful, it must be prepared for danger, not forgetting the initial heart, and being modest and cautious. Establish a sense of competition that does not advance, retreats, and retreats.
6. Promote the entrepreneurial innovation and development, focus on the spirit of quality pursuit
15. Support entrepreneurs' innovative development. Encourage entrepreneurs to innovate and create potential, protect entrepreneurs from expanding their innovation space, and continue to promote product innovation, technology innovation, business model innovation, management innovation, and system innovation, and pursue innovation and entrepreneurship as a lifelong pursuit to enhance innovation and self-confidence. Enhance the scientific literacy of entrepreneurs and give play to the important role of entrepreneurs in promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Incorporate more entrepreneurs to participate in science and technology innovation policies, planning, planning, standards development and project evaluation, and open information resources and research bases to enterprises. Guide financial institutions to provide financial support for entrepreneurs to innovate and start businesses, and explore the establishment of entrepreneurial insurance, guarantees and risk sharing systems.
16. Guide entrepreneurs to promote the spirit of craftsmen. Establish and improve the quality incentive system, strengthen the entrepreneurial sense of “winning by quality”, encourage entrepreneurs to focus on areas of expertise, strengthen enterprise quality management, and aspire to the long-term operation and inheritance of “100-year-old shop”, and make products and services fine. To ensure quality, effectiveness and credibility with the spirit of artisans. Conduct in-depth quality improvement actions. Efforts will be made to cultivate high-tech talents with high technical skills, promote corporate brands with core competitiveness, support key enterprises with brands to become stronger and better, and establish model enterprises with quality standards and brand values. Encourage and protect the entrepreneurial spirit of reform, innovation and development, and play an exemplary role.
17. Support entrepreneurs to pursue. Carry forward the spirit of dare to dare to test, dare to be the best in the world, and dare to take risks. Support entrepreneurs to capture market opportunities, continue to forge ahead, work hard, and strive for enterprise, management, products, services and corporate culture. People, I have excellent people, excellent people, special people, and my new competitive products and services. In the market competition, we stand out from the crowd and stand out from the crowd, fostering the development and growth of more leading companies with international influence.
7. Promote entrepreneurs to fulfill their responsibilities and dare to serve the spirit of serving the society
18. Guide entrepreneurs to take the initiative to fulfill their social responsibilities. Enhance the sense of honor and mission of entrepreneurs in fulfilling their social responsibilities, guide and support entrepreneurs to dedicate their love, participate in glory careers, charity undertakings, poverty alleviation activities such as “Wanqi Help Wancun”, respond to emergency disasters, etc., support national defense construction, build harmony Play a more important role in labor relations, promoting employment, caring for employees, paying taxes according to law, conserving resources, and protecting the ecology. State-owned entrepreneurs should consciously perform models of political responsibility, economic responsibility, and social responsibility.
19. Encourage entrepreneurial officers to take responsibility. Encourage entrepreneurs to get rich and think of the source, and guide entrepreneurs to understand the broad space, good opportunities, and bright prospects that reform and opening up provide for enterprises and individuals to display their talents. The first rich will drive the future and create more economic and social benefits. Guide entrepreneurs to grasp the new normal of economic development, actively participate in supply-side structural reforms, and make greater contributions in revitalizing and developing the real economy. Inspire the state-owned entrepreneurs to serve the party to serve the country to serve the people. State-owned entrepreneurs should better shoulder the important responsibility of managing and managing state-owned assets and realizing the preservation and appreciation of value-added enterprises. We must strengthen and expand the state-owned enterprises and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.
20. Guide entrepreneurs to actively participate in major national strategies. We will improve the participation of entrepreneurs in the implementation of major national strategies, encourage entrepreneurs to actively participate in the implementation of the “One Belt and One Road”, the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and other major national strategies, participate in the introduction and exit strategies, and participate in the integration of military and civilian development. Participate in investment in the central and western regions and expand the new space for economic development.
8. Strengthening pragmatic services for entrepreneurs
21. Deepen the reform of “distribution service” based on the needs of market entities. Focusing on making the market play a decisive role in resource allocation and better playing the role of the government, we will deepen the decentralization of power, integrate management, and optimize services on a broader and deeper level. Do a good job in the clean-up of regulations and normative documents involved in the reform of the “pipes”. Establish and improve the audit mechanism for enterprise investment projects, and support the exploration and reform of enterprise investment project commitment system in eligible regions and areas. Optimize the business process for business and entrepreneur service projects and promote window unit services.
22. Improve the participation of entrepreneurs in policy-making mechanisms for enterprises. Establish a procedural norm for the government's major economic decision-making to actively seek advice from entrepreneurs. The government departments should study and formulate policies, plans, and regulations concerning enterprises, and listen to the opinions and suggestions of entrepreneurs. Maintain the stability and continuity of the enterprise-related policies, and make adjustments based on the public interest, strictly adjust the procedures, and establish a transition period reasonably.
23. Improve the corporate-related policy and information disclosure mechanism. The online government service hall, online government service platform, mobile client, self-service terminal, service hotline and other online downloading entities are used to establish a centralized information disclosure system and push system for enterprise-related policies. Increase the opening of government information data. Strengthen the enterprise-related policy implementation responsibility assessment, and fully absorb third-party institutions such as industry associations and chambers to participate in post-policy evaluation.
24. Increase the assistance to entrepreneurs. We will play the role of the united front department, the state-owned assets supervision institution, the industry and commerce association, and the industry association chamber of commerce, establish and improve the work linkage mechanism for helping entrepreneurs, and regularly organize entrepreneurial discussions and visits to help solve practical difficulties for enterprises. For enterprises with operational difficulties, relevant departments, industry and commerce associations, and trade associations of trade associations should take the initiative to understand the difficulties and development needs in a timely manner, and actively help them under the premise of maintaining fair competition in the market. Support re-starting business, improve the re-starting policy, and give more convenient support when handling relevant tax-related matters according to the tax credit level of entrepreneurs in the past. Strengthen the case study of entrepreneurial success and failure, and provide reference for entrepreneurs to innovate and start a business.
Nine, strengthen entrepreneurship
25. Strengthen the planning of the construction of entrepreneurs. Follow the law of entrepreneurial growth, strengthen departmental collaboration, innovate working methods, strengthen overall planning for the construction of entrepreneurs, train the entrepreneurial team and implement the national major strategy, and promote and support more talents with innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities. Stand out from the crowd and cultivate a group of entrepreneurs with global strategic vision, market pioneering spirit, management innovation ability and social responsibility in practice.
26. Play the role of entrepreneurs to bring the role. Summarize typical cases of entrepreneurs, and commend entrepreneurs who have outstanding contributions to patriotism, law-abiding, arduous struggle, innovation and development, focus on quality, pursuit, integrity and compliance, fulfilling responsibilities, courage, and serving the society. And publicity, play a demonstration role. Strengthen the study of entrepreneurship, support colleges and universities, research institutes and industry associations, and well-known enterprises to work together to sum up the growth rules of entrepreneurs with Chinese characteristics and conforming to the trend of the times.
27. Strengthen entrepreneurship education and training. In order to strengthen the sense of loyalty, expand the world's vision, improve strategic thinking, enhance the spirit of innovation, and focus on the behavior of forged products, accelerate the establishment and improvement of the entrepreneur training system. Support the theoretical training, policy training, scientific and technological training, management training, and regulatory training of institutions of higher learning, research institutes, and trade associations, and comprehensively enhance the ability of entrepreneurs to discover opportunities, integrate resources, create value, and give back to society. Establish and improve the entrepreneurship counseling system, support the development of the Maker Academy, give play to the positive role of entrepreneur organizations, and train younger generations of entrepreneurs. Increase the training of entrepreneurs in party schools and administrative colleges. Build a platform for all kinds of entrepreneurs to learn from each other and promote mutual complementarity and common improvement. Organize and carry out various forms of exchange training such as entrepreneurial activities.
X. Strengthening the party’s leadership over the construction of entrepreneurs
28. Strengthen the party's leadership of the entrepreneurial team. Adhere to the party's leadership over state-owned enterprises, comprehensively strengthen the party building of state-owned enterprises, and give play to the leading role of state-owned enterprise party organizations. Strengthen state-owned entrepreneurs to uphold the party's leadership, take the initiative to grasp the party building awareness, build, use, and manage a team of state-owned entrepreneurs who are loyal to the party, brave in innovation, well-managed, promising, and honest. Education guides private entrepreneurs to support the party's leadership and support the party building work of enterprises. Establish and improve the party building work mechanism of non-public enterprises, actively explore various ways of party building work, and strive to expand the organization and work coverage of non-public enterprises. Give full play to the political core role of party organizations in the workforce and the political role in the development of enterprises.
29. Play the exemplary role of party members and entrepreneurs. Strengthen the basic work of daily education management for party members and entrepreneurs, strengthen party education, purpose education, and warning education, educate party members and entrepreneurs to firmly establish political awareness, overall situation awareness, core awareness, alignment awareness, strict political discipline and political rules, and strengthen ideals and beliefs. We will resolutely implement the Party's basic line and various principles and policies, and implement the Party, the Party, the Party, and the Party to the work and management.
All localities and departments must fully understand the importance of creating an environment for entrepreneurs to grow up healthily, promote entrepreneurship, better play the role of entrepreneurs, unify thinking, form consensus and joint efforts, formulate and refine specific policy measures, and increase entrepreneurship. The policy propaganda and training efforts, and pay close attention to implementation. The National Development and Reform Commission should work with relevant parties to decompose tasks, conduct regular inspections and summarization of implementation, and ensure that all measures are implemented and effective.

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