January 28, 2022

Lubricant vacuum oil filter maintenance

Introduction: If a lubricant oil vacuum oil filter is intended to be put on hold after being used regularly, it is recommended to remove the filter element and allow it to be used for the next time. Do not soak it in the residual oil for a long time. This will reduce the filter's life.

Lubricant vacuum oil filter maintenance

Tongrui vacuum oil filter according to the structure of points and in accordance with the role of points can be divided into many types. However, whether it is a transformer oil vacuum oil filter or a turbine oil vacuum oil filter or a lubricant oil vacuum oil filter, it needs maintenance. Only a good maintenance can extend the life of the vacuum oil filter, making it more able to exert its power. The huge energy-saving and filter-cleaning effect. So, how should lubricant oil vacuum oil filter be maintained?

1.Lubricating oil vacuum oil filter is a filtering device that is used to treat mechanical impurities in oil and moisture treatment. Therefore, the equipment itself will inevitably be contaminated with lubricating oil, or other impurities. Impurities, if left for a long time, are very harmful to the sealing of the main parts of the machine and can cause the device to seal prematurely and cause problems in other equipment. Therefore, the regular cleaning of the equipment is still very important.

The cleaning and replacement of filter elements is naturally the most important thing. The user of the oil filter vacuum oil filter user must pay attention to the pressure gauge during use. During the use or during the routine maintenance, the coarse filter, secondary filter and fine filter should be carefully cleaned to filter the consumables. Pollution and effective filtration capacity directly affect the cleanliness of the oil after treatment.

Also, if the lubricant oil vacuum oil purifier is intended to be temporarily put to rest after use, it is recommended that the filter element be removed and air-dried, so that it can be reused for the next time, and do not soak in the residual oil for a long time. This will reduce the filter's life.

2. After the lubricant oil vacuum oil filter has run for a long time, pay attention to whether the temperature of the equipment is normal when the vacuum oil filter is in operation. At the same time, you must also carefully check the vacuum pump and the oil pump. For the quality of the oil treated by the oil purifier, we must take a good look at it. If there is too much water in the oil, then the vacuum pump oil should be changed; if the noise is too loud, check the oil pump.

3. The range of oils applicable to each type of lubricant vacuum oil filter is not the same, and proper use is very important. For example, when encountering impurities that are particularly complex (including oil equivalent to sludge or dust or particulate matter), this generally requires initial filtration (using a plate and frame filter) to filter out large particles. Into the oil vacuum oil purifier for high-precision net oil, to ensure the effectiveness of the net oil and to avoid damage to the filter of a specific high-precision precision oil filter unit.

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