January 28, 2022

Mine design content and stage division

(1) Stage division of mine design work

1. Feasibility study on mining development;

2. Overall design of the mining area;

3. Feasibility study of single project of mine (plant);

4. Preliminary design of single project of mine (plant);

5. Unit construction drawing design.

(2) Basis for mine design

1. The design unit must design according to the approved mine field geological survey results (report).

2. Approved mining area overall design and individual project feasibility study report.

3. Wellbore inspection drilling and engineering geological data.

4. National and departmental technical policies, mine design specifications, various safety regulations and other relevant specifications, procedures and documents.

5. Relevant economic quotas and indicators issued by the state or department (industry) and region.

6. Main technical data of production mines (open pit mines) in or adjacent to the area.

Third, the main content of mine design

The preliminary design of the mine is the basic design document for mine construction. When the preliminary design is completed, the following documents should be submitted: preliminary design specification, preliminary design of major mechanical and electrical equipment and equipment inventory, preliminary design budget proposal, preliminary design drawings.

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