January 28, 2022

Temperature and humidity recorder creates a temperature and humidity agriculture that can be "mastered"

Temperature and humidity are essential survival conditions in agricultural cultivation. These environmental factors have an important influence on the safety and quality of crops. In order to further promote agricultural production and increase income, we need to “master” these changes in temperature and humidity in agriculture and make it available to us. However, the weather changes rapidly, nature's temperature and humidity are constantly changing, and it is not so easy to control. However, in the greenhouse production, we use the temperature and humidity recorder to create a temperature and humidity environment that can be “mastered” to meet the requirements of different crops on the greenhouse temperature and humidity environment.

Temperature and humidity loggers

The temperature and humidity recorder is a professional environment measuring instrument integrating temperature and humidity records. It has the advantages of wide measuring range, high precision, good waterproofness, easy installation, and suitable for long-distance transmission. It is applied to the production of greenhouses and management. Through this instrument, personnel can grasp the temperature and humidity environment changes in the greenhouse in real time, and adopt timely measures to regulate and control them. This effectively “controls” the temperature and humidity changes in the greenhouse, keeps them within a suitable range, and promotes crops better. The growth.

In greenhouse production, scientifically regulating the temperature and humidity environment in greenhouses through certain measures is to promote the crops to better carry out photosynthesis by creating a comfortable climate, so as to effectively increase the output per unit area. Therefore, in this process, whether or not the crop can satisfy the requirements of the temperature and humidity environment in the greenhouse is the key point, and different crops actually require different temperature and humidity, so it is difficult to generalize. The use of temperature and humidity recorders for monitoring management can be based on the specific growth of each crop, to conduct precise management, data-driven, to provide farmers with more scientific planting decision-making theoretical basis. This kind of production management not only conforms more closely to the growth laws of crops, but also has a more prominent effect in actual production. The effect of increasing production and income is very obvious.

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