April 05, 2020

Cummins Generator Introduces New STAMFPRD New Products

On April 8th, 2016, Cummins Generator Technology (China) Co., Ltd. launched its new launch conference and training center for PI7H, which was held in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

It is understood that Cummins Generator Technology has a long history of providing customers with new solutions. It has won the favor of the majority of customers in the fierce market competition. The STAMFORD® P7 series developed by Cummins Generators is more solid, Long life and reliable operation and reputation of the market. This time, Cummins Generator introduced a new brand of STAMFRD (Stanford brand) P17H, which is another powerful tool for Cummins generators. P17H is the extended power product of STAMFPRD (Stanford brand) P7 series. It inherits the reliability of P7 series and uses innovative cooling technology to increase the output power density, enabling customers to use 2500 kVA more economically. STAMFPRD (Stanford brand) brand generator.

Design, for your sake

STAMFPRDP17H changes the center from the same series of 450mm to 500mm, making the generator set easier to install; multi-pedestal foot holes, fitting P7 series and p80 mounting base, so that the generator set integration is simpler; the fan is tightened with larger bolts, not in When the rotor needs to be dismantled, the fan can be replaced directly; the large-sized drive end cover can increase the airflow and further improve the cooling effect. In addition, there is a compact and robust design that ensures a high degree of operational efficiency, an optimized internal cooling circuit, and more power density.

Innovation, trustworthy

Cummins Engine Technology constantly strives to make the medals more innovative and customer-oriented. After research and development, P17H's new advanced cooling technology helps to improve the operating efficiency and engine group performance of our customers.

In terms of AVR characteristics, first in power factor and no power power regulation, when connected in parallel with the radio, the P17H can maintain the required level of the variable (volt-amperes, reactive power) or the power factor at a set level. Secondly, in the soft start and voltage establishment control, the P17H can adjust the time to climb to the set voltage or set the excitation current. In addition, the P17H is able to monitor the excitation of the generator for ultra-low excitation protection. If it is higher or lower than the preset level, it can provide alarm and shutdown options.

In terms of options, resistance temperature probes for windings and bearings, temperature monitoring of the main output windings and bearings, providing an alarm signal to prevent possible failures; increased anti-condensation heater options to keep the windings dry in high humidity applications; add diodes The fault detector protects the alternator against damage caused by the failure of the rotary rectifier diodes; the drooping option ensures that the parallel operation is carried out when the parallel operation is carried out.

Performance, lasting stability

The STAMFPRDP17H is designed for backup power applications such as data centers, hospitals, shopping centers and airports. Through years of experience and close cooperation with customers, Cummins Engine Technology understands the challenges that customers face in integrating and installing generator sets into critical power applications, which distinguishes STAMFPRD from other generators.

Cummins's professional engineers in generator technology are also widely recognized by the electrical engineering industry for their customers. STAMFPRD and AVK's common generator spare parts and service network support other professional engineering services around the world.

In addition, new P17H customers still enjoy Cummins' full-line services: 24/7 emergency response service; local language trained engineers; on-site alternator commissioning; on-site bearing maintenance and bearing status monitoring; On-site installation of accessories and accessories; widely distributed STAMFPRD and AVK original parts aftermarket sales outlets. (This article comes from Cummins)

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