April 05, 2020

Detailed description of the advantages and disadvantages of nylon tires and wire tires for wreckers

Wreckers are used for roadside assistance. They are busy running on the roads of Malaysian roads every day. The most critical part is the tires. If the tire fails, the wrecker will not be able to play its specialty. So how to choose a wrecker tire? Which kind of tires are more economical? This should be a question that every user will consider. The following small series makes a detailed comparison of these two types of tires.


Wrought-iron car tires and nylon tires

1, the price: the price of steel wire is nearly twice as expensive as nylon tire

2. Structure: The nylon tire is diagonally crossed, and the wire-tire is the meridian or vertical cross.

3, Material: The main material of nylon tire is nylon, the main material of steel wire is steel wire.

4, process: simple; complex.

5, performance: wire tire bearing the strongest, most wear-resistant; nylon tire bearing poor, not wear.

The steel wire tire has a fine wire mesh inside the tire rubber, which can improve the bearing capacity of the tire and it is not easy to puncture the tire. Wireline tires are the development direction of tires, while nylon tires are facing the elimination of products. Therefore, Xiao Bian recommends that owners choose the wire-tire when purchasing a wrecker, so the frequency of failures will be greatly reduced. Although the wire-tire is more expensive than the nylon-based one, it will use far more time than nylon-based tires in the future.

Editor's Note: Xiao Bian warm reminder Wrought iron car with a wire tire in the course of use, we must always check whether there is foreign matter in the tire cocking, but also in a timely manner to clean up the stone in the texture, to pay special attention is not to press the stone, This will extend the service life.

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