January 21, 2022

Development and Application of a Sealed Double Fixed Valve Suction Pump

At present, most domestic and foreign pumping wells are used tube pump. As the tube pump fixed valve is unidirectional, the oil well in the pumping process, out of the formation of crude oil through the fixed valve into the pump and out of the ground. During pumping, it is found that the liquid in the well passes through the fixed valve. On the one hand, the liquid contains impurities and the fixed valve can not be restored to its original position and will always be in the open state. On the other hand, the liquid enters the pump through the fixed valve, Fixed valve failure due to wear or fluid erosion. If the single fixed valve pump fixed valve does not work, then you need to conduct a non-periodic well pump inspection. In response to this problem, Tuha oil exploration and development headquarters underground technical operations company researchers and the Georgia National 12 block oil field workshop to carry out joint research, the pump fixed valve to a double fixed valve, which is reefable Double fixed valve pump. The pump has achieved good results in the application of the 12th block of the country's oil industry in Georgia. Technical Analysis 1 Structure Double fixed-valve pump structure is based on the ordinary pump to increase the fishing fixed valve and fixed-valve salvage. The fishing-type fixed valve and the salvager are, in order from top to bottom, a fishing claw (connected with a piston of the pump through a screw thread), a fishing head (connected with a fishing fixed valve through a screw thread), a circlip, a conversion joint, a secondary sealing ring , Fillable fixed valve cover, valve ball, ball seat and pressure cap. Cylindrical fishing claw opened on the opposite direction of the two hook-shaped groove, fishing head welded to a cylindrical crossbar, the groove width of the hook groove slightly larger than the diameter of the crossbar, crossbar into or out of the hook groove Can be salvaged claws and fishing head connection or separation. 2 Working principle The fishing type fixed valve is manually hung on the fishing claw by the pump piston to support the upper part of the short section, and then load 419 ~ 918, two secondary sealing rubber ring due to the role of compression gently through The steel ring (chamfering with 60b, chamfering at 30b), the sealing rubber ring and the supporting short section are sealed together, and at the same time, the circlip at the upper end of the valve body enters the supporting short section at the same time, the clamping spring shrinks and sits tightly Support the short section, at work, the body can not go up, while the pump body ring supporting the body on the circlip, so that the body can not go down, so that the two achieved a seal. When the fixed valve is set, the lifting rod is suspended to the original position and is rotating for 1 ~ 2 revolutions so as to turn the fishing head from the hanging position of the salvage claw to the vertical position of the groove, lifting the salvage head to make the salvage claw from the salvage head off After opening, against the anti-punching distance, start the pumping unit, fishing-type fixed valve to work. Check the pump before, should be judged according to the well to determine the pumping unit failure parts, if the fixed valve failure, should deepen the post, the reversal of the post 1 to 2 laps, then salvage fishing catch fishing head, In the process of reverse recovery, the operator should carefully observe the change of the displacement of the pole, if the pole moves downwards during the rotation, stop rotating immediately to prove that the salvage is successful.With careful observation , Both to ensure the success of salvage, but also to prevent the role of anti-torque), maintenance or replacement of a new valve into the well again. If the parts above the fixed valve fail, simply remove the failed piston replacement, but if the well is already in check, it must be checked out. 3 The main technical parameters 4 Features (1) reliable fishing fixed valve, the valve body tightly sit within the support short section, while the pump body supporting the body of the steel ring, in the course of the valve Body can not move up and down, so that it will not damage the valve body, but also to ensure the normal production wells. (2) The valve from the pump piston delivery to the setting position, valve set, after the release, adjust the data, open the pump work. In the field installation does not need to disassemble the pump, therefore, the valve easy to use, no repetitive processes. (3) In the pumping process, due to the dirt contained in the liquid or valve wear and erosion, resulting in the valve can not work properly, reducing the pump efficiency, so as to check the pump operation. However, after the installation of the fishing double fixed valve, to avoid a fixed valve failure, resulting in the pump does not work properly, greatly reducing operating costs. (4) The use of reefable double fixed valve, the maintenance is simple, generally only need to replace the rubber seal and the valve ball can be reused, less replacement parts, repair rate. The on-site application of the reefable dual fixed-valve pump was applied from July 2002 to the present time with 85 wells being constructed in the 12 blocks of the State Oilfield in Georgia. During the operation, one of the wells had a failure rate of 99% because of the failure of the tubing to obstruct the pump before the pump failed, resulting in damage to the pump body. The valve was seated and recovered reliably and conveniently. In the process of construction of these wells, all one-time success. Previously used pump is a single fixed valve, in the pumping process, as long as the fixed valve there is a problem on the need to check the pump. The improved pump adds a sea fishing fixed valve, and in the process of operation, the fixed valve can not afford to replace the case of tubing. In this way, on the one hand to extend the inspection pump cycle, on the other hand save on operating costs. According to the statistics, up to now, among the 85 wells constructed, the average inspection interval of each well is extended by 018 times, saving a total of 175.18 million yuan of various expenses such as operation and maintenance. (1) The use of double-fixed fishing gear pump to ensure that the pump downhole safe and reliable work. (2) The pump operation is simple, high success rate of construction. Repair parts replacement less repair rate.

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