January 21, 2022

new product launch

New high-efficiency drying furnace A new type of high-efficiency drying furnace widely used for drying, baking and other materials. It was successfully developed and put on the market in Hebei Hengshui Fertilizer Drying Equipment Factory.
It is understood that the new high-efficiency drying furnace is more than 5% higher than the thermal efficiency of similar equipment. For the production of compound fertilizer products with various element contents up to 45%, the granulation problem caused by the drying technology is fundamentally solved, and the high temperature zone is used. The high temperature resistant special metal material is used as the lining board, and the equipment has a long service life. The heat output temperature reaches 300 ° C - 500 ° C, and the water content of 50% of the material can be reduced to less than 0.3% after drying.
DXB series inverted umbrella aerator DXB series inverted umbrella aerator developed by Jiangsu Asia Pacific Group, passed the test of relevant national testing institutions not long ago, and all technical indicators have reached the domestic advanced level, among which the power efficiency exceeds that of similar products. %the above.
According to reports, the oxygenation efficiency of the new aerator reached 3.95 kg, and the energy consumption was significantly reduced. The device is characterized by reliable operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance and low operating cost. The supporting reducer is designed and manufactured by aviation technology, with a service life of more than 10 years and special requirements of more than 20 years. The equipment is suitable for industrial wastewater treatment in the chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industries.
The new drum-pressure filter is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment developed by Shandong Laiwu Machinery Factory. The GWJ-12 drum pressure filter has recently passed relevant appraisal.
According to reports, the drum pressure filter is mainly suitable for solid-liquid separation of materials with high sedimentation speed and strong corrosiveness, and can also be used for copper concentrate, iron concentrate, magnesium concentrate, lead concentrate and other large proportion. The solid and liquid separation of the material. The working process is to place the filter in a closed pressurized chamber, and a screw conveyor is arranged below the discharge area of ​​the filter, and the screw conveyor nozzle is connected to the discharge device. When the suspension to be filtered enters the tank of the filter by the feed pump, the pressurized chamber is filled with compressed air, and the filter medium is discharged, and the solid is collected on the filter medium to form a filter cake, which is collected into the discharge device.

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