January 21, 2022

Equation gel rotor pump technical characteristics and application

1. Overview The formula cavity rotor pump belongs to the field of positive displacement pump technology. Compared with the existing vane pump, gear pump, screw pump and piston pump, the cavity pump has the advantages of long service life, low noise, uniform flow, simple structure, small volume and weight Light, easy to manufacture and so on.
2 technical characteristics 1). Suitable for pumping non-solid particles or fibers of various fluids, water, all kinds of oil, corrosive media;
2). Speed:> 0 ~ 3000 r / min;
3). Flow range:> 0 ~ 1000m3 / h;
4). Pressure range:> 0 ~ 160 kg / cm2;
5). Efficiency: volume efficiency ≥ 95%; full efficiency ≥ 85%
3. Market and Economic Forecast The market has broad prospects and good economic returns.
4. Applications For oil fields, oil refineries pump, daily chemical various viscous medium corrosion-resistant pumps. Also for the machine tool industry, general engineering machinery, automobile industry, mining machinery, lifting, metallurgy, construction machinery, hydraulic, wind power equipment, ships, marine equipment, transportation, industrial robots, locomotive and rail construction, material handling, Defense industrial fluid applications, rubber machinery, automation equipment, such as supporting the use of hydraulic pumps, lubrication pumps, cooling pumps. Also used for vacuum equipment supporting the use of vacuum pumps.
Production and use conditions (including environmental requirements): equation Cavity rotor pump is mainly composed of the shell, stator, rotor, fastening body composition, the need for general processing and manufacturing equipment.

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