January 21, 2022

Feed drying equipment

(1) Vibration Multi-layer Fluidized Dryer

The vibration multi-layer fluidized dryer is a high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment invented by Northeastern University. It has won the gold medal of the Eureka World Invention Fair. The equipment consists of an inner and outer cylinder, a ring orifice plate, and a vibration motor. The two vibrating motors are arranged crosswise. When the motor rotates, it will generate vertical excitation force and torque around the vertical axis, so that the dryer body will perform the vertical vibration in the vertical direction and the torsional vibration around the vertical center line. Two vibrations The synthesis, so that the material along the horizontal ring plate from top to bottom to do a continuous jump movement. The drying medium is blown into the drying cylinder through the air inlet through the blower, passes through the layers of the orifice plate from bottom to top, and passes through the material layer. As the materials are continuously thrown and turned, the material can not only adhere to the surface of the spiral groove, but also greatly increase the contact area between the material and the drying medium, thereby strengthening the heat transfer and mass transfer process of the material and the drying medium.

The advantages of the vibration multi-layer fluidized dryer are energy saving, wide range of applicable materials, good quality of dry products, and high production efficiency, especially suitable for small-quantity (1 ton/hour) of various granular, powdery, massive , sheet material. In the feed industry, the dryer can be used to dry fish and shrimp bait, a variety of additives, distiller's grains, starch slag, vegetable protein and so on.

(2) Rotary flash dryer

Rotary flash dryer is a new type of drying equipment for solid fluidized drying. It has the function of mechanical dispersion and particle size adjustment of dry materials. The system is mainly composed of feeder, drying chamber, cyclone separator and bag collector. The high-moisture paste-like, filter cake-like materials enter the dryer and are mixed with a clean heat medium that enters the drying chamber in a tangential manner. Under the action of the impact of the stirrer in the drying chamber and the high-speed rotating airflow, the material pieces are dispersed to not The regular granules form granular fluidization under the effect of vortex hot gas flow and mechanical dispersion and instantly complete heat and mass exchange. There is a particle sizer at the top of the drying chamber. The dried material enters the collector to obtain a powdered product. The larger undried material moves toward the wall of the chamber and repeats the above process due to the fact that it has a large settling velocity and falls to the lower part of the drying chamber. With the dispersion of materials and the impact between materials, the dried particles on the surface of the material block will move toward the axis of rotation of the gas in the drying chamber and be discharged together with the airflow to the material collector, so that the particle size and the degree of drying are uniform and dry. product.

The outstanding advantages of the rotary flash dryer are high drying efficiency, low energy consumption, uniform product drying, compact structure, and melting and drying. Suitable for dry sticky, paste, powder, cake-like materials. In the feed industry, it can be used to dry blood meal, meat and bone meal, fish meal, protein ointment, dregs and so on.

(3) Break loose rotary dryer

Breaking the rotary dryer belongs to the forward flow dryer. The material is fed into the rotary drum through the feeding device. The copy board on the rotated drum wall refers the material to the top and falls. When the material falls, it is broken by the high-speed rotating crushing device in the drum, and the large material is repeatedly picked up and dropped. During the process, it is continuously broken into small particles, and the surface area is continuously increased and brought into contact with the hot air and dried until it is broken into fine particles to achieve the required water discharge; the fine powder entrained by the hot air is collected by the dust collecting device. The hot air generated by the combustion furnace enters the cylinder and is in full contact with the material. Heat and mass transfer are performed through the surface of the material, so that the material is rapidly dried and then discharged through the conveyor at the discharge end. Because the dryer has a built-in crushing device, the material entering the dryer can be immediately dispelled. In particular, materials with a certain viscosity are broken into small pieces by large blobs, and a part of water is taken out to make the same with hot air. Contact to speed up drying.

Dispersion rotary dryer is characterized by a large heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency, product oxidation and deterioration of small, large processing volume. Dryer has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and can use high temperature hot air to quickly dry the material. It is suitable for drying all kinds of granular, small block, flake-like high-humidity materials, such as dried chicken cattle pig manure, pasture, bad residue, oxytetracycline dregs and so on.

(4) Tube dryer

The tube dryer uses the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation. The steam flows in the tube bundle with the material in a counter-current manner (but also in the forward flow mode). The material is stirred and pushed through the shovel plate on the tube bundle in the negative pressure closed chamber. The discharge end moves, and a part of the finished material passes through the discharge chute to the discharge screw and is discharged by the discharge fan. The other part of the finished product is passed through the feed-return fan to the mixing helix, and is fully agitated and mixed by the conveying agitator and the wet material to reduce the moisture content of the wet material so as to achieve the ideal working conditions of the dryer.

The main advantages of this machine are low heat consumption, high efficiency and energy saving, wide range of drying materials, large processing capacity, large moisture evaporation and drying of high moisture materials, high drying elasticity (depending on different material properties and moisture requirements on drying Time adjustment), continuous operation (ie, high degree of automation), and intermittent operation (suitable for special processes). This machine has a small number of additional equipment, a small footprint, and a compact process layout. It can be placed in a single-storey factory building, thus greatly saving the cost of civil engineering. In addition, the machine has few process wear parts, is easy to install, and has low maintenance costs.

Tubular dryers are widely used in the drying of materials such as fermentation, starch, chemicals, light industry, food and food, feed, brewing, alcohol, etc., such as carrier materials for feed industry, fish and shrimp waste, rapeseed (non-seed), Distillers grains, chemical fertilizers, corn germ, corn fiber, protein feed, protein powder, rapeseed cake, sawdust, pre-treated soybeans, pre-treated sunflower seeds, pre-treated rapeseed, pretreated other oil fruits, pig hair, bone meal, granules or flour Fertilizers, inorganic minerals such as powdery, granular, fibrous loose materials.

It is worth noting that several companies with leading technologies in China, such as the Shenyang Yitong Venture Company, have begun to apply pulse tubes and some new thermal technologies to tube dryers. According to the data, the drying strength can be increased by 30%.

(5) Hot Air Rotary Sheet Dryer

Hot Air Rotary Dryer is a new type of equipment developed by Shenyang Yitong Venture Company for the drying of high-humidity, high-viscosity materials. This machine successfully combines the advantages of hot-air-grooved rotary vane dryers and air dryers, and moderately speeds the drying process. The drying stage is combined with the deceleration drying stage to achieve efficient drying of the material in two consecutive stages. Firstly, the wet material is directly added to the dryer, and the material is thrown up and crushed under the action of a high-speed rotating blade, and is dispersed in the body, and at the same time, it is in full and effective contact with high-temperature hot air, and convective heat transfer is strongly performed, thereby achieving quality Heat transfer process. In this process (ie, constant-rate drying stage), the moisture content (wet basis) of the material is from 80% to 35%; then, the material is sent to the stirrer at the bottom of the air dryer, and the material is again subjected to hot air. Strong convection heat transfer, rapid mass, heat transfer process in the airflow tube. During this process (ie, slow drying), the moisture (wet basis) of the material is reduced from 35% to 10%. After testing, the two-stage dry heat efficiency is the highest and the product quality is the best. Through high-low temperature combined drying process, the material can be dried in two consecutive stages with high efficiency, which is in accordance with the drying mechanism of the material, with high thermal efficiency and large output. The largest can handle 500 tons of alcohol per day, 500 tons of distillers' grains per day, 200 tons of penicillin mycelia, 150 tons of MSG protein per day, 100 tons of rifamycin, and 200 tons of cassava residues per day. .

The machine is mainly used for the drying of high viscosity and high moisture content materials in the chemical, light industry, dyeing, pharmaceutical and other industries, such as penicillin mycelia, antibiotic dregs, oxytetracycline dregs, all kinds of pomace, beer Dregs, feed, protein powder, sludge, etc.

(6) Multi-layer rotary dryer

The multi-layer rotary dryer has advanced equipment on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. The main machine adopts a three-layer drum set with a special copy board inside, and the material and hot air are in full contact with each other in motion. The new process of high temperature and high humidity drying has a large heat transfer coefficient. The maximum output can produce 5 tons of dry material per hour. The material is pushed into the feeding conveyor and the material is crushed with a deblocking device (equipizer) before the discharge opening of the conveyor. The pulverized material stream enters the screw conveyor, and the material is discharged into the outlet of the hot air oven and is inhaled by the hot air stream. Drying in the dryer; Drying the material into the discharge system, the mixed impurities deposited in the deposition device (periodic discharge), dry material in the collector for wind separation, dry material through the wind discharger row Into the cooling system; after cooling the dry material discharged through the wind-closed discharge machine, into the baler package (or granulation briquetting mill, etc.). Hot air discharged from the collector (above 90°C) is discharged into the atmosphere, and low-temperature air discharged from the cooling system is also discharged into the atmosphere.

Widely used in the drying of marigold, cassava residue, barnyardgrass, ginkgo biloba, distiller's grains, barley malt, melon seeds, straw, pomace, sawdust, Chinese herbal medicines and other bad slag materials. The thermal efficiency is as high as 80%, which is obviously higher than the domestic similar equipment. . The equipment has a high degree of automation, continuous operation and high thermal efficiency. Adopting a new process of high temperature and high humidity drying, similar to superheated steam, the thermal capacity coefficient can reach 1200-4000kJ/m2.h.°C, which is 15%-20% lower than the conventional drying system.

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