January 21, 2022

The “sweetness” of development with the “bitter” fortress—Jiande chemical industry has tasted the “sweetness” of circular economy

The production of glyphosate, which generates a lot of polluting environment during the production of glyphosate, caused Jiande's “Xin'an Chemical” to suffer headaches. Nowadays, the company creatively built a methyl chloride recovery industrialization device that recycles all of the methyl chloride to become a raw material for the production of organic silicon monomers, and a large amount of waste hydrochloric acid that is produced during the production of organic silicon monomers. To make it all used for the production of glyphosate, which formed the unique "glyphosate - silicone product chain" in the world, this technology has won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress.
"Xin'an Chemicals" has escaped the low-level competition model at the expense of the environment and realized the maximization of resource utilization. This has become a microcosm and model of the development of circular economy in Jiande City's chemical industry.
The chemical industry is one of the pillar industries in Jiande City, which is located in the upper reaches of the Qiantang River. It was once a “rich man” and an “environmental killer”. Due to running leaks in the production process and excessive discharge of “three wastes”, it not only affects the local production and living environment, but also endangers the environmental quality of the Qiantang River. In the face of heavy environmental pressure, in recent years, Jiande Municipal Party Committee and the government have unswervingly promoted the pollution rectification work in the chemical industry, actively guided enterprises to implement cleaner production, and promoted circular economy.
While completely shutting down or relocating more than 10 chemical companies, Jiande City has accelerated the time limit for failing to meet the requirements of stable discharge companies. This year, five companies including Dayang Chemicals and Jianye Organic have been identified to carry out major renovations, and more than 50 million yuan has been invested in accelerating the construction of pollution control facilities to ensure that key enterprises achieve discharge standards on schedule.
At the same time, Jiande actively guides and supports chemical companies in technological innovation, vigorously develops green chemicals, and speeds up the implementation of “end-of-pipe management” and “pipeline-prevention” to eliminate contaminants as much as possible in the production process. "Xinhua Chemical" adopts the international advanced acetone method patent technology to increase the single-pass conversion rate of acetone from 82% to 99.5%. The annual cost of acetone can be saved by 39 million yuan, saving more than 30,000 tons of coal and reducing the amount of coal. More than 200 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. “Xinhua Chemical” has thus become the first batch of demonstration enterprises for clean production in the province. In addition, two chemical companies, including the Silicone Plant and the Chemical Plant No. 2 in the city, also passed the provincial acceptance of clean production companies. This year, five chemical companies such as Dayang Chemical and Foster were included in the provincial clean production pilot. It is estimated that by the end of November this year, with the completion of the city’s chemical industry rectification work, annual discharge of wastewater will be 3.24 million tons, and COD emissions will be reduced by more than 700 tons.
Through the establishment of a scientific and rational industrial chain system, waste that was considered to be a source of pollution has become a renewable resource. This new concept and new model of “waste” into gold is becoming a concrete practice for many Jiande chemical companies, which greatly improves the competitiveness of the company. In the process of synthetic ammonia production, “Xinhua Chemical” can recycle more than 20 million cubic meters of hydrogen per year through technological changes, which saves more than 80 million yuan in cost. Similarly, Wang Wei, chairman of Xinan Chemical, told the author that the “bitter” of the previous environmental pressure in exchange for the “sweet spot” of the development of circular economy in today's enterprises, and the cost advantage brought by the recycling of resources has become the largest in Xinan Chemical. Competitive Advantage. Relying on this advantage, “Xin'an Chemicals” controlled its biggest competitor Zhenjiang “Jiangnan Chemical” last year, laying the dominance of domestic glyphosate manufacturers and the organic market share of organic silicon products from “ Neglected to grow to about 25%. Last year, the company realized sales revenue of nearly 1.7 billion yuan and achieved a profit of 173 million yuan. The comprehensive economic benefits are ranked second in the domestic pesticide industry.
According to reports, in the first eight months of this year, Jiande City's chemical industry achieved a sales value of 3.127 billion yuan and a profit of 280 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42% and 83% respectively. This also helped promote the city's industrial economy to achieve sustained and rapid growth in the context of macro-control. From January to August of this year, the gross output value of industrial enterprises above designated size in Jiande City was 7.728 billion yuan, and total fiscal revenue was 657 million yuan, up 32.2% and 21.75% year-on-year respectively, and continued to show good economic growth.

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