January 21, 2022

Reliability Management Roots in Machinery Industry

On November 6, the reporter learned from the China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association that the on-site review of the reliability design project organized by the association is currently underway across the country.

According to Guo Xuejun, secretary general of the China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association, the subject of this review is the research on the reliability of stereotyped products, the reliability growth, and the reliability design of new products. In the process of assessment, since the site is the most important place for exposing reliability problems, such as temperature, humidity, sand, etc., and the impact of different situations in the laboratory on the product, the review emphasizes on-site testing, and not only testing the products being reviewed. , but also to test the products of similar domestic and foreign competitors to find ways to improve product reliability. At present, reliability management has penetrated into all areas of the machinery industry.

According to experts, there are many reliability technologies involved in reliability work, such as reliability mathematics, fault physics, environmental technology, and basic experiment theory. It is an integrated project. Although a product meets the standards even when it is shipped from the factory, if one of the important parts or an important process goes wrong, it will affect the quality of the entire product and often requires repairs. This is a sign that reliability is not high.

Guo Xuejun said that due to the complexity of the reliability work, involving all aspects of the product industry chain, in order to further publicize and promote the improvement of the reliability of mechanical products, in December 2005, China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association was based on the Department of Reliable Management. , The China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association Reliability Working Committee was established. At present, dozens of machinery industry enterprises have become its core member units, and have accumulated certain experience in reliability technology application and reliability management. 2006 was the second year that reliability work was fully implemented in the machinery industry.

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