January 21, 2022

Tonglian Road and Bridge Machinery successfully developed a 900-ton railway bridge machine

The 900-ton railway bridge-bridge machine jointly developed by Hebei Beidaihe Tonglian Road and Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. and Railway Fifth Survey and Design Institute has passed the type test organized by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in Beidaihe. The product has reached the international advanced level and filled. A domestic gap.

Beidaihe Tonglian Road and Bridge Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional bridge construction equipment design and manufacturer. In recent years, its products have participated in the construction of key projects in China. In August 2005, the TP75 meter segmental erecting machine produced by the company was successfully applied in the world's first cable-stayed suspension bridge, Jiangsu Sutong Bridge. On September 19th, the TLC100A special vehicle independently developed by Qinhuangdao Tonglian Special Vehicle Co., Ltd., which was controlled by the company, achieved a one-time success, ending the history of relying on imports of special vehicles for road and bridge sections in China.

The 900-ton railway bridge-passing machine that passed the type test was a large-scale bridge erection equipment specially developed for the railway passenger line project to be started in China. The China Railway 12th Bureau Group passed the international public bidding and was finally determined to be manufactured by Beidaihe Tonglian Co., Ltd. . The bridge has a safety load of 900 tons and a weight of 530 tons. It is currently produced in only a few developed countries in the world and has obtained national patents.

fire fighting truck (also called fire Water Truckfire fighting tanker, water tank Fire Truck, fire appliance, fire fighting engine, fire-extinguishing water truck, water tender, fire service truck, fire hydrant and fire water tanker) is a vehicle designed primarily for fire fighting operations - to extinguish fire efficiently to prevent fire spread, reducing the loss caused by fire maximumly.
Fire Fighting Truck can be divided into many types:
1. According to vehicle size, there are mini fire fighting truck, light fire fighting truck, medium fire fighting truck, heavy-duty fire fighting truck. 
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Fire Fighting Truck

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