July 11, 2020

Fast again won the title of "Shaanxi Famous Brand Product"

" Faster " brand transmission products passed the scene review and maintained the title of "Shaanxi Famous Brand Products". In accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Detailed Rules for On-site Audit of Brand Products," the 4 experts of the review panel conducted detailed audits and on-site inspections of the laws and regulations, leadership and business strategy, resource provision and management, process control, and business results of Fast. Review and give a high evaluation, agreeing that Fast model is in compliance with laws and regulations, the scientific and rational operation of the quality management system, clear strategic planning, effective production process control, and high customer satisfaction, agreeing that the “Faster” brand transmission product passed the review. We will continue to maintain the title of "Shaanxi Famous Brand Products".
"Shaanxi Famous Brand Products"

For many years, Fast has taken the responsibility of invigorating the national automobile industry and established the national famous brand. Through benchmarking international standards, improving quality, and implementing the strategic principle of creating famous brands and developing brands, the company has promoted the transmission of the “Faster” brand. It firmly occupies the market's commanding height and has won wide acclaim and wide acclaim from customers. Since 1995, Fast Transmission products have been awarded the title of "Shaanxi Famous Brand Products", this honor has been maintained for more than 20 years, not only fully demonstrates the company's product quality reputation and brand influence, but also laid a solid foundation for building a century-old enterprise.


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Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)

HKJ250 22 0.6-1.5

HKJ300 45 1.5-2.5
HKJ350 55 2-5
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HKJ450-B 110 6-12

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Generation Efficient Wood Pellet Mill

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)

XGJ-560 90 1-1.5

XGJ-850 220 2.5-3
XGJ-920 315 3-4.5
XGJ-1050 450 4.5-6
XGJ-1250 550 7-8

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