July 11, 2020

Teach you how to grow from a zero-based foundation to understand Che Daren


When you hear other people talk about the car's knowledge, they do not even know the car's logo, is not it feel a bit behind it, the following common sense to help everyone solve the problem.

1. The car has these types of knowledge points: the same class is comparable to the car Oh, the car classification is more detailed, (sub-two-box, three-box, the difference is the boot that protruded from the bottom) (A0, A, B Level...) You can start with the roadside (near the company, in the neighborhood, near the business district) to see common cars. You will find that the different areas of the car are really different. There are many commercial vehicles (MPV) near the company. Nearby will be based on the average level of residential property prices distribution of family cars, commercial areas, especially high-end will see a lot of rare cars (such as various top sports cars, white Rolls Royce and the like).

2. The car has the knowledge of these brands: The cars in different countries (regions) have their own characteristics according to their needs (general concept, experts do not spray). The American car consumes a lot of space (the common brand is Ford, Buick) Japanese car is home (common brands Honda, Toyota) European technology is new and expensive (common brands Volkswagen, Citroen, and those luxury car Mercedes BMW Audi) on the road directly ask the man to understand tickets, they can also access the Internet Look as a knowledge reserve (just Baidu there).

3. The same brand car is divided into these different series, the price gap is also very important knowledge points: different brands generally have a corresponding series of competing products to give a simple example of the car to contrast, in addition to the brand's comparison, in fact, mainly the price, to The car with the same price is suitable for comparison, or it seems too amateur (Of course, the sister is allowed to be amateur, because it will sell Meng, ah, you will O (∩ _ ∩) O).

4. The car is divided into these price points

Knowledge points: roughly divided 5w-10w-15w-20w-25w-30w-35w-40w-50w-80w-100w-150w-200w.......

5. Evaluation of car shape

Of course, there is an ancient Chinese saying that interest is the best teacher. I hope everyone can cultivate their own interests. If they are interested, they will learn the relevant knowledge on their own initiative and they will not be bothered to learn.

Heat Shrink Tubing with all colors

Product description:

Heat shrink tube cable sleeves wiring accessories shrink tubing ,this is an irradiated cross-linked commercial grade polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing with general purpose applications, such as wire-harness, insulation of wire bundles, insulation and strain relief of wire terminations and connections, capsule and anti-corrosion protection. It is rated for use up to 105 degrees and 600V.

1) Application
Heat Shrinkable Tube Heat-Shrinkable Tubing is a tube without halogen, low smoking flame-retardant irradiated cross linking polyolefin heat-shrinkable tubing, which contains no added halogens, and exhibits excellent fire safety characteristics combined with low evolution of acid gases, while retaining good mechanical and fluid resistance properties. 
2) Features/Benefits
·Shrink ratio: 2/1.
·Flexible, flame-retardant.
·Low smoking, no added halogens.
·Low evolution of acid gases.
Conform to European RoHS environmental directive.
3) Operating Temperature Range
Operating temperature range: -55~125 degrees Celsius
Minimum shrink temperature: 70 degrees Celsius
Minimum full recovery temperature: 110 degrees Celsius
4) Standards/Approvals
UL224, 125 degrees Celsius 600V VW-1
UL Approval

Product images:

Heat shrinkable tube

wholesale polyolefin heat shrink tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing

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