July 11, 2020

How to choose and buy a good car charger

With the popular development of cars in recent years, large screen digital products play an more and more important role in our life and work.
A good car charger is absolutely necessary for you. Car charger was developed for
A variety of portable, handheld devices lithium battery charging in car battery (car 12V, truck 24V) power supply, such as: mobile phone,Tablet PC, GPS and so on.
Here let's explpro together how to choose and maintain the car charger.
In the purchase should pay attention to the following points:

1 .The outer surface is not easy to wear and scratch. Then input contacts is large enough, and effectively guarantee the power good contact, even if the car shake during driving and it still keep good contact.


2. Car charger and the equipment you'll need by matching the general mobile phone. Digital standard voltage is 5V and charging current is 1A, so we need the car charger output is 5V 1A, which can not only provide a strong power for the digital, and can also reduce the charging time, saving time for the user.
3. Car charger should be built-in fuse, can effectively prevent the input current is too large to damage your phone .
4. Flammable materials, with short-circuit protection, short circuit will not produce sparks,more safer!
5. Output interface must be standard USB, there are single USB and dual USB .For example, Single USB output current is 1A or 2.1A, the dual USB one are 2A and other are 1A,it means without built in smart IC,if dual usb are 2.4A or 3.4A(total),it means built with smart IC,can automatically assign standard current for you mobile phone and more effectively to protect your phone.

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