July 11, 2020

Wear-resistant ceramic valve manufacturers Muya valve analysis: Q941TC electric ceramic ball valve selection

Q941TC wear-resistant electric ceramic ball valve is mainly composed of ceramic ball valve and electric actuator composed of two parts, it not only has the advantages of ceramic ball valve but also with the electric actuator can be used to achieve automatic control. According to different implementing agencies can be divided into two types of switching and regulation, the user can choose according to their own working conditions for their own models.

Muya Valve Co., Ltd. produced Q941TC electric ceramic ball valve using high-performance zirconia ceramic materials, all using cold isostatic pressing, the high-temperature sintering, precision machining. Parts compactness, size and shape of the high precision. High hardness (RHA87--92), mechanical strength, with high corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance. Core and valve seat are made of zirconia engineering ceramics, the friction coefficient is small, reliable sealing. Ceramic ball valve spool with high performance structural ceramics, its excellent chemical stability and high hardness (≥ HRA88, second only to diamond) to ensure that the valve ball and seat sealing surface will not be media corrosion and wear and tear, thus ensuring Valve good sealing performance; ceramic hard sealing ball valve with 99.5% alumina ceramic structure, sintering temperature up to 1700 ℃. Therefore, ceramic valve is the best choice for high temperature valve conditions; ceramic ball and valve seat between the spherical sealing structure using Taiwan's introduction of ceramic processing technology from the sealing performance than other hard-sealed ball valve to zero leakage (leakage Grade VI); structural ceramics thermal expansion coefficient is small, deformation in the high temperature conditions is minimal, there will be no change due to temperature sealing surface failure problems, so the valve is the best choice for high temperature valve conditions; ceramic Sealing surface after precision grinding, the surface roughness is less than Ra0.2, the ball roundness error of less than 0.005, coupled with the high hardness of the ceramic and self-lubricating properties of the sealing surface of the seal pressure than the ordinary soft-sealed ball valve, about Normal hard seal ball valve 1/5 or even lower, so the valve opening and closing torque is small, the switch is smooth, adjust the sensitivity as a control valve to use high; Body shell using three-stage structure, the use of A105N / SS304 forgings, a reasonable structure Designed to effectively protect the internal ceramic spool. Ceramic good wear resistance, so that the valve durable and high reliability. Long life, titanium alloy valve and Monel valves 2-4 times. Electric ceramic ball valve is mainly used in power plants, petrochemicals, metallurgy, paper and other conveyor belt particles, fibrous wear, corrosion and erosion of media.

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