July 11, 2020

Xugong Hydraulic Company's new valve was successfully developed

Recently, Xugong Hydraulics Co., Ltd. successfully developed load-sensing multi-way valves and manual reversing valves developed by world-renowned ship manufacturers. The product fully integrates the advanced technology of Xugong European Research Center and combines the experience of Xugong's core components in the field of deep-plowing hydraulics. It can bring a better operating experience to the ship anchoring machine system and the cabin cover system, and is also facing the field of high-end hydraulic valves. A solid step has been taken.  

It is understood that in order to meet the "differentiation" supporting needs, the product fully utilizes the innovative design ideas of collaborative research and development in the design stage, and invites the host technicians to participate together to truly achieve personalized customization. At the same time, in order to implement the product concept of “do not destroy”, the hydraulic parts company actively absorbs the mature experience of Xugong Netherlands AMCA offshore application, comprehensively optimizes the system details parameters, and relies on the strong testing ability of the institute for comprehensive verification, according to user needs. More than 20 directional tests have been completed, including 250,000 impact tests of the anchor valve main valve and 20,000 commutation tests of the manual reversing valve to ensure the stability and reliability of the product during actual use.

By adopting advanced technologies such as integrated valve pre-compensation and variable coordination matching, the product not only overcomes the technical problems of specific flow under extreme pressure loss, high-pressure leakage at the return port, but also realizes rapid flushing and preheating of the system to enable oil-passing capability. Increased by 50%, pressure loss reduced by 40%, adding a heavy weapon to Xugong hydraulic valve products to expand the offshore supporting field.

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