April 05, 2020

How to identify good and bad LED explosion-proof lights?

From 2013 to 2016, LED explosion-proof lights have experienced hard work over the past few years, and sales of LED explosion-proof lamps have been getting better and better. More and more manufacturers are now producing LED explosion-proof lights. There are more and more manufacturers of LED explosion-proof lights on the market. However, some customers may feel a little lost. On the market so many manufacturers in the end choose which LED explosion-proof lights.

However, fewer customers will choose cheaper ones. Many customers also focus on quality.

First of all, we look at the appearance of LED explosion-proof lights. The non-smooth appearance is not polished during the processing. If the LED explosion-proof lamp shell is not worn before. There will be several situations! The first situation is that when the shell color is sprayed, there will be a lot of bumps, affecting the appearance of the entire LED explosion-proof lamp. This kind of manufacturer is sold at a low price, focusing on product speed rather than quality. Another kind is that the inside of the seal is not very good. Not reach IP65. Because there is no treatment in the early period, this will also happen inside.

Therefore, I suggest that these customers do not want to choose small-cost alternatives, or quality-based, but also make use of more at ease, more peace of mind.

Explosion-proof mark: ExdembIICT4

Working voltage: AC220V50Hz

Light Source: 100-140W Puri LED 200W Cree LED

Rated power: 100/120/140/200W

Light source color temperature: warm white 2700~4500K/normal white 5000~6500K

Power factor: 0.98

LED luminous flux: 10000 to 20000Lm

Protection class: IP66

Anti-corrosion level: WF2

Introduction device: G3/4' inlet size, suitable Φ10mm~Φ14mm Cable installation method: ceiling type, wall type, embedded type, street lamp type Weight: 13kg

Dimensions: 478 × 306 × 166mm

Product brand: CHYH

Manufacturer: Yueqing Yihong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gaskets are made of plastic, rubber, Metal, Composite Material; they keep the engine intake & exhaust system safely and efficiently.

Intake manifold gasket is a flexible, fitted part of engine that helps prevent air from leaking out during fuel combustion and help the regulate chamber temperature.

The intake manifold gasket fits between intake pipe and cylinder heads, and its main purpose is to reduce the chance of air leaking out, which can hurt the car`s efficiency. 
People who have weak or faulty Intake Manifold Gaskets may notice their engines sputtering out or stalling more frequently. 

The exhaust manifold gasket is more likely renewing than the intake manifold gasket, because the exhaust system heat caused more damage.

Modern exhaust Manifold Gaskets are made of beaded multilayer steel (MLS). These metal beads are always reinforced with metal sheets to resist the component movement that arises from large fluctuations in temperature. The sheet layers number is depends on distortion of the exhaust manifold and cylinder head components. 

Exhaust manifold gasket leak can cause bad exhaust values, loss of power and increase the fuel consumptions.

Intake & Exhaust Manifold Gaskets

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