April 02, 2020

How to remove engine carbon deposits?

The engine is the power system of the car. It is the source of power for cars. Engine maintenance is very important. Effective maintenance of the car engine can not only extend the service life of the car, but also protect the driver's driving safety. Many novice drivers are not very familiar with this aspect. How to clear the engine carbon deposit, carbon deposit What's more, the following small series will give you a sort of how to clean up the carbon deposit of the engine, let the riders learn. Extend the life of the car and improve the performance of the car.

How to remove engine carbon deposits?

Engine carbon deposit formation

The engine's power comes from the downward movement of the engine piston, the mixture of gasoline and air is drawn into the cylinder, and then the piston that moves upwards compresses the oil and gas into a highly combustible gas. Finally, the spark plug ignites it and the piston is powerful. The engine is powered by the explosive force. The source of the power - the mixture must pass through the intake valve to enter the combustion chamber; a small part of the gasoline will adhere to the intake valve, in the high temperature of the engine, the gasoline can not burn complete hydrocarbons, paraffin, gelatin Will be burned into glue carbon. Since the operation of each piston of the whole engine is not synchronized, when the engine is extinguished, the intake valves of some cylinders cannot be completely closed, and some unburned fuel is continuously evaporated and oxidized, which will produce some in the intake pipe, especially behind the throttle. Soft black carbon deposits. On the one hand, these carbon deposits will roughen the pipe wall of the intake pipe, and the intake air will generate vortices in these rough places, affecting the intake effect and the quality of the mixture.

Engine carbon deposit hazard

Since the structure of the carbon deposit is similar to a sponge, when the gas is formed by the valve, a part of the fuel injected into the cylinder is adsorbed, and the absorbed gasoline is burned into a carbonized carbon to form a thicker carbon deposit, and a thicker product. Carbon reabsorbs more gasoline, which makes the concentration of the mixture that actually enters the cylinder become thinner, resulting in poor engine operation, abnormal start-up, unstable idle speed, poor acceleration, rapid fueling and tempering, excessive exhaust gas, and increased fuel consumption. The traditional solution is to disassemble the engine for cleaning, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Therefore, the fuel system protection agent that can be cleaned without cleaning is a globally recognized new development trend and has become mainstream in Europe and the United States.
How to remove engine carbon deposits?

Fuel system additives:

Fuel system additives should be used when the vehicle has difficulty starting, slow acceleration, idling, gasping, carbon deposits, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, until conditions improve. Under normal circumstances, the small bottle is used once every 2500km, which helps to clean the fuel system and avoid abnormal vehicle conditions. It should be used continuously when the temperature is high in summer or the fuel quality is unstable.


After completing the above carbon cleaning, don't forget to replace the engine oil and machine filter. This is to prevent the engine from malfunctioning due to the failure of the expected lubrication after the oil is damaged during the cleaning process.

How to remove engine carbon deposits?

The above is some of the ways that Xiaobian has arranged for the riders to clear how the engine carbon is removed. After understanding these methods, the riders can clean the engine carbon by themselves.

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