January 21, 2022

Johnson Controls plans to build 10 seats in China in the next five years

Taking into account the development prospects of China's auto market and auto parts market, Johnson Controls plans to further expand its production capacity in China in the next five years and establish a 10-seat car seat production plant.

On December 19, 2012, Johnson Controls CEO Steve Roell expressed his optimism for the future Chinese market at an investor conference: “We think the Chinese market will continue to thrive, although it may not grow as fast as it once did.” Johnson Self-control plans to build 10 car seat factories in China in the next five years as part of its long-term development strategy in China. However, Rolle declined to disclose the specific address of the new factory.

At present, Johnson Controls owns 56 factories in China, including wholly-owned and joint venture factories, and generates $5 billion in operating revenue each year. Roll said that 45% of seats in the current Chinese market are provided by Johnson Controls.

Roll said that although China's auto market has slowed down, it is still the biggest growth potential of the global market in the future. At present, Johnson Controls's expansion in the North American market has slowed down, while in the European region it has become more stagnant.

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