January 24, 2022

Successfully promoted in global challenges

As 2012 is drawing to a close, the Chinese auto industry has taken 20 million cars in recent years in the world. In contrast to the joint venture brand and national brand of passenger cars, the foreign brands are trying to change the market pattern with strong brand power. However, independent brands in China's commercial vehicle industry still occupy an absolute advantage.

On December 14th, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers announced the top ten manufacturing companies in the top 11 months in China, followed by SAIC, Dongfeng, FAW, Chang’an, BAIC, GAC, Brilliance, Great Wall, Chery and JAC. The sale of 4,113,100 vehicles, 2,805,250 vehicles, 2.4139 million vehicles, 1,766,500 vehicles, 1,521,700 vehicles, 663,300 vehicles, 573,100 vehicles, 557,700 vehicles, 504,200 vehicles, and 4,441,100 vehicles. A total of 153.1314 million vehicles were sold by 10 companies, accounting for 87.64% of China's total automobile sales.

Among them, the top ten commercial vehicle sales companies followed were: Beiqi Foton, Dongfeng, JAC, Jinbei, FAW, Jiangling, CNHTC, Great Wall, SAIC-GM-Wuling, and Nanjing Auto. They sold 562,800 units and 498,800 units respectively. There were 255,200 vehicles, 235,500 vehicles, 260,200 vehicles, 169,500 vehicles, 125,800 vehicles, 124,100 vehicles, 122,900 vehicles, and 122,300 vehicles.

To the glory and excitement of the Deaf people, in the increasingly fierce market challenges, the sales volume of JAC commercial vehicles in the adjustment strategy has steadily increased since the beginning of this year. It has not only smoothly entered the fourth place in the country from last year’s fifth place in the country, but also In November of the National Gathering Party’s 18th National Congress, Jianghuai Commercial Vehicles entered the top three ranks of the nation in one fell swoop and offered a generous gift for the Anhui people to celebrate the victory of the Party’s 18th National Congress. Market fight show brand power

Looking around the current Chinese auto market, independent brands are at a critical moment when they are struggling to rise: technology, sales, benefits, and brand power are constantly improving. In the field of commercial vehicles where their own brands have an absolute advantage, foreign brands are also trying to create new market patterns in China with their strong brand power. Is China's own-brand commercial vehicle a humble choice or is it trying to make it shine? How can China's commercial vehicles realize the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brands? What kind of brand image should China's commercial vehicles stand in the world? The jump in JAC's commercial vehicles gave the people a perfect answer.

In 2012, Jianghuai Shuai Ling light truck “Quality, Brand, World Car” activities lasted for half a year, spread across major rivers and counties, radiated more than 20 provinces and cities, and Jianghuai Bell’s “Boutique Jianghuai Bell and Quality Miles” activities across Jiuzhou, inherited the quality Good luck light card "good micro China line, good luck and a pro" activities, in-depth market terminal, show brand value. As of November 2012, sales of JAC light trucks exceeded 170,000 units, which fully demonstrated the superior quality and brand value of JAC light trucks.

Through the unremitting efforts of several generations, the Jianghuai Commercial Vehicles, which had gone through 48 years of independent journeys, has created over 2 million commercial vehicles of light trucks, heavy trucks, and passenger car chassis. In the past 20 years, it has been the rapid progress of the commercial vehicle business of JAC for 20 years. It is also the process of the brand's rapid rise. It is precisely because of its “Advancing with the times” concept of quality development that JAC Commercial Vehicles continues to exceed the technological R&D, manufacturing, customer service and brand influence, and has formed a strong brand power for China’s own brand cars. China has made outstanding contributions to development, the upgrading of China's automobile industry, and the rapid development of China's economy. Today, JAC's commercial vehicles have created a number of national records: the number of light-to-medium high-end light trucks is the largest, the light-card re-buy rate is the highest, light-vessels export volume ranks first in the country for 11 consecutive years, and chassis for passenger cars from 6 to 9 meters have been sold for 17 consecutive years. The country's first, the first to win the Anhui Provincial Government Quality Award, the only independent brand to obtain the "National Quality Award" with the highest quality in China.

Jianghuai Auto Man profoundly realized that today's Chinese auto market is a fully open, fully competitive market, and brand power is the ultimate embodiment of the overall competitiveness of the company. The brand power in the eyes of JAC autos is not a narrow sense of popularity, reputation and integrity, or the extent to which a consumer's concept of a brand influences his purchase decision. JAC's understanding of brand power refers to the overall strength of the brand, covering innovation, product, manufacturing, talent, marketing, service, management and so on. Technological Innovation Leads Brand Power

Innovation is the driving force for the development of enterprises, and technological innovation is the core competitiveness of modern enterprises for continuous improvement. In today's fierce competition in the auto industry, technological innovation is the most important guarantee for independent brands to establish a market position.

Independent research and development, independent innovation, always runs through the development line of the JAC commercial vehicle for 48 years, and is also the cornerstone of the development and growth of JAC commercial vehicles and the realization of brand value. From the initial petrol engine to all types of commercial vehicles such as micro-cards, light trucks, passenger car chassis and heavy trucks; from the first-generation Chaohu brand 2.5-ton light truck to the most advanced JAC Shuai Ling III light truck; from the HFC6700 bus chassis to gasoline, diesel, Natural gas, pure electric various power, covering a full range of passenger cars with special chassis from 6m to 11m, plus the most lightweight domestic light truck cab turning mechanism, 4DA1 IV engine, unobtrusive curved beam bus chassis, etc. Independent research and development and innovation make JAC Commercial Vehicles always maintain its leading position in the market.

After several generations of efforts, today's JAC commercial vehicles have a R&D team of 2,000 people, and the comprehensive R&D strength has reached the international advanced level. Among them, there are 44 R&D and innovation projects that have been included in the national and provincial key scientific and technological plans, 377 of which are various types of patents, 39 domestic or domestic blanks of product technologies, and are responsible for or participate in the preparation of 10 national standards. .

At present, JAC Commercial Vehicles has formed an internationally advanced and domestic first-class five-level product R&D system, namely the National Technology R&D Center of Hefei's headquarters as the core, and the overseas R&D and Design Center established in Turin, Italy and Tokyo, Japan as the second floor. The third-level cooperation with Tongji Tongji, Hefei Gongda, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tianjin University, etc. is the third-tier domestic production, research and development cooperation with Italian Pininfarina, British Lotus, Korean VENS, Austrian AVL, German Hofer and other outstanding foreign countries. The design company has formed a wide-ranging design alliance as the fourth tier, and the technical R&D department of commercial vehicles that quickly responds to market demand is the fifth floor. All levels of R&D system give full play to their respective advantages and efficient collaboration to ensure that JAC commercial vehicles not only maintain the world's leading technology, but also perfectly take into account technical practicality. The newly launched Jianghuai Shuai Ling III is the most direct result of the international R&D system of JAC commercial vehicles. Jianghuai Shuai Ling III, incorporating today's world-leading design concepts and the most advanced technology platform, represents the highest level of domestic light truck design and manufacturing, but also the only independent brand in the same brand with the Isuzu 700P. Since its launch, JAC Shuai Ling III has led the sales of high-end light trucks of JAC Shuai Ling to achieve a leap. In the first 11 months of this year, the total sales volume has exceeded 17,000 units, and it has been exported to overseas markets in bulk, becoming a new benchmark for China's high-end light truck market. Some industry experts commented that the launch of JAC Shuai Ling III is a new milestone for domestic light trucks, marking that China's light truck technology has reached the international advanced level.

Even Jianghuai Bell, which has become a classic in the market, has been continuously injecting new technology into JAC's commercial vehicles, which is often cited by Jianghuai Automobile as an upgrade. In recent years, Jianghuai Commercial Vehicles has introduced Jianghuai Bell's "Boutique Project" and successively launched the boutique Bell Bell, Boutique Bell, and Boutique Kang Ling series models. The boutique Jianghuai Bell meets the needs of users for upgrading models, power steering, radial tires, air conditioning, large tires, large cargo containers, six upgrades of broken brakes, double-layer girders, and strengthening of rear axles, and hundreds of product innovations, plus universal The application of the Blu-ray instrument panel, four-way adjustable steering wheel, metallic paint and other automotive interiors and appearance technology has greatly improved the quality of the vehicle, making the performance and quality of JAC’s products always maintain its leading position in the mid-level light truck market. At the same time, Jianghuai Light Trucks has also launched enhanced models such as frigid editions, plateau editions, and mountain editions in response to the use of vehicles in certain areas, which better meets the needs of different users and continues to enhance the quality reputation of JAC Bell.

The safety school bus chassis and new energy bus chassis are new achievements of the JAC commercial vehicle R&D platform in the chassis of passenger cars. In recent years, JAC Commercial Vehicles has consolidated its leadership in the high-end public and commercial passenger car markets, and has been leveraging on its strong technological advantages to continuously introduce technology-leading, practical and reliable safety school bus chassis, natural gas bus chassis and pure electric bus chassis. , become the leader in these market segments.

Jianghuai Automobile further put forward its development strategy in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan": "Insist on dedicating to the progress of China's national auto industry, based on independent innovation, develop its own brand, and develop into an internationally competitive Chinese auto manufacturer." This declaration points the way for Jianghuai to create innovative brand power in the future. Quality Jianghuai cast brand power

Quality is the only support for a product to stand on the market and an important manifestation of corporate social responsibility.

The word “quality” has been accompanied by the growth of the JAC commercial vehicle. Today, quality has become a core element of the brand value of the JAC commercial vehicle. Leading equipment and superb craftsmanship are the basis for creating high-quality products, and the three-level quality management system guarantees product quality.

JAC Commercial Vehicles has an international leading production line for stamping, welding, painting and assembly automation. There are more than 5,200 sets of various types of production equipment, including Asia's largest 6,000 tons of presses, cutting-edge Swedish ABB welding robots, and German CNC machining centers. The level of manufacturing equipment and manufacturing technology ranks among the top in China's commercial vehicle industry.

In terms of quality assurance, JAC Commercial Vehicles creates a quality control system from the three levels of quality awareness, system standards, and method tools, and realizes quality management throughout the entire process. The first level, in the thinking of all employees to establish "quality is the core of the survival of the enterprise," the core values, so that "six-wrong and six disgrace" Jianghuai Automobile quality concept of honor and disgrace rooted in the hearts of people. The second level, through the GB/T 19201, GJB9001A, TS16949 and CCC quality standards management system, improve various management and technical standards, the formation of "three standard integration" management and control system, the implementation of the process of standardized management, on-site operation of the standardization, and continuously promote the system compliance , Optimized the implementation details in the quality management process, and formed a high level of manufacturing process assurance capabilities. At the third level, the tools of double compliance, learning labs, TQM, AUDIT review, Six Sigma, SPC, etc., are translated into detail-oriented management and operational procedures. In addition, JAC Commercial Vehicles has also continuously improved the quality of parts and components through the consistent standardization and research and development of supporting systems, which in turn extends quality management to full value chain systems such as sales, service, and spare parts supply, thus forming a complete quality control cycle. Nowadays, the quality image of JAC commercial vehicles with high reliability, low maintenance frequency, and high residual value has been deeply rooted in people's minds.

"Jianghuai Village" is a prominent example. In the process of visiting the Shandong market, the staff of the JAC Commercial Vehicle Company was surprised to discover the Fengshan Village, Liangshan Town, Liangshan County, which is now known as Jianghuai Village. This village of more than 2,000 people owns more than 400 light trucks of various types, while Jianghuai Light Trucks has more than 340 vehicles, accounting for 80% of the total number. It is dubbed by the locals as the "village sitting on the wheel of the JAC light truck."

In 2006, the local government built the largest integrated agricultural and sideline products wholesale market in southwestern Shandong Province near Fengshan Village, namely the Jinboyuan Market. There are more than 500 booths in the market. The market is full of fruits, vegetables, fish and shrimp, meat and eggs, and dairy products from all over the country. Fengshan Villagers relied on the market of Jinbo Park to drive the JAC light trucks to start a short-distance transportation trade. The footprints covered many cities and counties such as Fucheng, Dongping, Yanggu and Wenshang. Within a few years, the villagers of Fengshan Village had their drums on their hands. It became the well-known Fuyu Village in Liangshan County.

The villagers who had made a fortune were obsessed with Jianghuai light trucks. Local villagers said that the JAC light trucks are durable, safe and efficient, and environmentally friendly. The riveting process for its doors and chassis is particularly fine; for a few years after spraying, it does not drop a bit, and there is also the shine of new cars; there are fewer engine and transmission problems. If you engage in the transportation of agricultural and sideline products, you are afraid of a bad car. If you delay it for a few hours, it will not be new, and the loss will be great. Although the JAC light trucks cost about 4,000 yuan more than some light trucks of the same level, they are of high quality and are used with peace of mind. Therefore, the villagers are willing to purchase JAC light trucks. "Enchanting service" enhances brand power

The so-called "charming service" is the highest stage in the three phases of service set up by JAC. Among them, the first phase is called "of course, service," but it is only natural to be done; the second phase is called "expect service", not only does it take for granted, but also meets the user's expectations; the third phase It is "beautiful service" and the degree of thoughtful service exceeds the user's expectations. In addition, Jianghuai Light Trucks also established a dedicated customer profile to set up exclusive service areas for users entering stores, and implement one-on-one services. Not only that, JAC light trucks also provide users with value-added services including free car wash and free adjustment to improve customer satisfaction. After each service, the user will also receive a return visit from the service station, dealers and manufacturers to understand the user's vehicle maintenance situation and later use, and promptly remind the user to maintain the vehicle, so that users feel respected from the manufacturers And care.

In April of 2012, JAC's high-end light truck Suzuki III Narrow Body Edition went on the market in Dongguan, Guangdong. Along with the hot sale of Shuai Ling III, the JAC Light Truck timely presented the “beautiful service” and established a dedicated customer profile, and the user entered the store to set up an exclusive service area. One-to-one priority services allow users to experience the honorable courtesy of JAC Shuai Ling in the pre-sale, in-sale, and after-sales services.

As a production tool, service power is an extension of the quality of commercial vehicle products and an important part of quality management. JAC Commercial Vehicles is the first brand in the industry to extensively survey service outlets at the county and township level, and has established a nationwide sales, service, and spare parts network. At present, JAC Commercial Vehicles has built more than 120 4S stores, nearly 700 first-tier dealers and more than 850 second-tier dealers, and more than 800 service and spare parts supply network service networks, establishing JAC smooth and pure spare parts. The reserve system realizes the “three-network linkage” of sales, service, and spare parts, and guarantees an efficient response to customer service from the system. With the establishment of a number of service outlets, the service radius of JAC light trucks has reached 20 kilometers, and the time to reach the rescue site does not exceed 2 hours.

Taking the road of branding, specialization, scale, and informationization is an important step for improving the service quality of JAC commercial vehicles. On this basis, JAC Commercial Vehicles has introduced a series of initiatives such as charming services, value-added services, four 24-hour services, active services, and customized services, bringing a unique service experience to users.

For a long time, good and bad spare parts not only damaged the interests of users, but also damaged the brand image. To this end, JAC Commercial Vehicles has taken the lead in setting up an independent sub-brand of “Jianghuai Smooth Original Spare Parts” in China, vigorously rectifying the aftermarket spare parts market for commercial vehicles, strengthening spare parts management for its service network, emphasizing the compliance of spare parts and service spare parts, and establishing JAC Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts Sales Service Company, National Jianghuai Smooth Spare Parts Authorized Distributors and Light Truck 4S Stores are Class I, Spare Parts Distributors in Seven Regions, More than 1,200 Service Stations and Social Secondary Distributors The reserve system provides the necessary guarantee for a quick and efficient response service system. The system adopts a scientific resource allocation method and shares resources with the vehicle production line. It provides all-round pre-sale technical guidance, on-sale resource protection, and after-sales quality Three Guarantees service support to ensure timely supply of spare parts for JAC commercial vehicles.

In order to ensure the quality of service, JAC Commercial Vehicles has established a complete set of assessment and sampling systems, from the service image to the service capabilities, to implement comprehensive quantitative management of its 4S stores and service stations. Marketing plan shaping brand power

Decades of brand accumulation, especially in the past few years, the Jianghuai Light Green Responsibility Green Paper, the Jianghuai Light Truck Brand Qian County Relay, the million Jianghuai Light Truck Quality Power List, the Jianghuai Bus chassis Tianshan Fanjian and a series of commercial vehicles The influential brand activities in the field have greatly enhanced the brand image of JAC commercial vehicles.

Throughout the development history of JAC commercial vehicles, quality has become the gene of its brand and is integrated into the design and production process of each model. The cumulative sales of 2 million units witnessed the development of the JAC commercial vehicle brand from small to large and from weak to strong. Good quality and trustworthy reputation and image make JAC commercial vehicles win the recognition of the majority of users. JAC has become synonymous with “high-quality commercial vehicles” among users.

In 2012, in order to further deepen the customer experience, JAC Commercial Vehicles has successively launched the theme of “Quality, Brand, World Car – JAC Smart Bell Series Light Truck 2012 Dragon Journey”, “Quality Jianghuai Bell, Quality Miles”, “Good Micro” "China trip, good luck and one family" and other three brand theme activities, covering a wide range of provincial capital cities and second-tier, third-tier cities. At the event site, many old users “presented the car” and purchased cars on the spot, effectively accommodating the word-of-mouth effect of the JAC light trucks and effectively enhancing the quality of the JAC light trucks. According to statistics, old users of JAC light trucks once again have a car purchase rate of more than 50%, ranking first in the light truck market.

In the group user market, JAC light trucks attracted bulk purchases from international and domestic top 500 companies including Liuweizhai, Coca-Cola, ZJS, Want Want Group, Wufangzhai, and China Railway Express. For example, Wangwang Group, a well-known food company in the country, has accumulatively purchased 5000 high-end light trucks from JAC, refreshing the new record for light-card industry group users.

In the international market, JAC commercial vehicles have also become a favorite brand for users. At present, JAC commercial vehicles have been exported to more than 100 countries in six regions including South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. There are nearly 100 overseas 4S stores and 13 overseas KD factories have been established. For 11 consecutive years, JAC's light commercial vehicles have maintained the largest export volume of Chinese-branded light commercial vehicles, and they have been consistently praised and respected by overseas merchants, which has effectively promoted the brand image of Chinese automobiles.

On August 31, following the award of the National Quality Award, the country’s first self-owned car company in 2010, the company won another award in the first Anhui Provincial Government Quality Award, becoming the only company in the country to win the national award. , the provincial government two-level quality awards for automotive companies. Talent cultivation achievements brand power

All the world’s careers and achievements are created by people. Of course, the achievement of car brands is no exception. In JAC, there are two production lines, one is the production line of the product. It consists of more than 20 international and domestic advanced cutting-edge equipment. This production line ensures that the JAC JAC brand car maintains domestic and international first-class quality level.

The other is the production line for talent cultivation. It is a special production line formed by three parts, namely the “40+4” training and education, which specializes in nurturing high-level talent, specializing in cultivating middle-level leaders, and full staff. Jianghuai Automobile pays more attention to the latter production line. , It leads the production line of more than 20 products.

The first part focuses on nurturing high-level talents, that is, nurturing managerial talents, capital operation talents, international talents, and technical innovation talents. The training method is mainly to send training, self-cultivation and joint education. For many years, the company has sent employees to Britain, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries to study. It is divided into short-term and medium-term, and the longest is 6 months. At the same time, Jiangqi University has co-hosted master's student workstations and post-doctoral research stations, as well as MBAs from University of Finance and Economics, and graduate students from Renmin University of China and Hefei University of Technology.

The second part focuses on cultivating middle-level leaders. That is, one or two weeks a year is dedicated to the implementation of full-scale closed-end intensive training for middle-level and above leading cadres. A group of four modules, the first year to enhance market capacity, learn "fifth practice" the following year, and then enter character training, the fourth year into the creation of mechanics. A group of 4 modules, after the group is over, enter the next group and design 4 more modules. The excellent business philosophy of some foreign companies is instilled in the management and operation of middle-level cadres through the training of such modules.

The third part is the "40+4" training education for all staff. 40 hours of work per week, 4 hours of Saturday morning training, all staff do not pull a pull, take the soldiers, soldiers, instructors, officers and men, similar to the anti-big model that year. Some are self-educational materials, and some are simple materials.

During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the company gradually built a talent training system of “different vertical and horizontal levels, divided into professional fields,” and explored three types of training for employees: OFF-JT, OJT, and Self-Development (SD). In the model, a teaching team consisting of more than 800 trainers and more than 80 training managers was established, and an Elearning learning platform integrating learning, data sharing, and online examinations was established, using the “40+4” staff training as a platform. Employee training for job growth, training for key reserve talents, training for off-duty production, training for C-MBA, and upstream and downstream companies in the value chain, and other training activities were carried out to continuously improve the talent training production line. In 2010 alone, the company opened more than 220 training courses, an increase of 300% over 2006.

It is precisely because of this kind of learning organization that the Jianghua Group’s talent team is in continuous supply; the company has formed a good value system, a reflective system, and a feedback sharing system. The cadres have truly achieved their achievements and are constantly looking for a gap. Looking for benchmarks so that companies can continue to develop rapidly.

In the long history of the world’s automobiles, China is a latecomer and even a catcher. Today, Jianghuai automakers are creating a brand era that belongs to Greater China with unprecedented passion and vitality.

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