January 24, 2022

Research on Coexistence of Opportunity and Pressure in Domestic Bearing Industry

As an important mechanical part for the matching and maintenance of various types of mechanical and electrical products, bearings are widely used in various fields of the national economy due to their features such as working performance, long service life, and easy maintenance. With the gradual recovery of the power tool industry, bearing as an important part, led by the domestic and foreign markets, the entire industry sales gradually showed a good upward trend.

Electric tools are one of the eight pillar industries of Yongkang. In recent years, affected by the severe international economic situation, domestic and international sales of power tools industry have been impacted. However, after the active self-help and independent innovation of enterprises and businesses, the industry gradually recovered. Prosperous development has led to the rapid development of the bearing industry.

China Science & Technology Hardware City, as the nation's largest professional trading market for hardware products, has annual sales of bearings that account for not a small portion of the overall market sales. It is understood that although the bearing is a small accessory in the host, but it is like the heart of power tools, the role can be described as pivotal. The performance of the host product is good or bad, and the quality of the bearing occupies an extremely important place. For this reason, with the improvement of product quality, the demand for branded bearing products becomes more obvious. As the majority of users have more explicit requirements on the reliability and stability of bearings, as well as the promotion of enterprise management concepts and development concepts in each host industry, and pay attention to nurturing their own brand names and brands, the market demands tend to be more outstanding bearing brands and excellent bearing companies. .

With the development of the market, users are increasingly demanding the accuracy, performance, life, and variety of bearing products. They are not satisfied with the requirements of general-purpose bearings and are turning to products with high accuracy, low noise, and long life. demand. "Although the development of the bearing industry has grown, but compared with the world's leading industrial bearing industry, there is still a large gap between the industry, its main performance is the low proportion of high-precision, high-tech content and high value-added bearing products. Reflected in the market That is, our demand for high-quality bearings must be met by imports.” Mr. Li, the bearing salesman of Jindu Market, talked about the lack of bearing industry.

Nowadays, many bearing enterprises have improved the technical level, reliability, and stability of the bearing industry through a series of independent innovation reforms, and in the future sales process, the important main supporting market will still control these In the hands of enterprises, under the influence of foreign trade slowing domestic demand, some of the power tool bearing market will shift to domestic companies, and imported bearings will decline.

It can be said that this year is a year in which the development opportunities and pressures of the bearing industry coexist. Looking at the domestic market, the increase in uncertainties in the economic operation last year has brought new challenges to the bearing industry and also brought new opportunities. China will continue to increase its investment in infrastructure. Bearing-related industries such as steel, automobiles, and home appliances will also face new opportunities for development. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, the development of the automotive industry will also drive the development of automotive bearings. In the future, the demand for bearings will grow steadily, and the bearing industry will usher in a period of sustained development. Hardware City, many bearing sellers should firmly grasp the current opportunities, relying on the hardware city of this platform's strong radiation, with more complete varieties, better quality, more competitive prices to seize the domestic and foreign markets, and further improve the quality of bearings Market share.

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