January 21, 2022

"The misfortune" is born from under your feet. Do not wear inappropriate shoes to drive.

When we drove, we could be busy under the foot, and we would clutch and brake for a while, and we would throttle or whatever, so when we drive, we have to pay attention to wearing shoes. In particular, women's friends with a wide range of shoes, what shoes to wear are directly related to driving safety, and endanger themselves and others, today we talk about driving shoes should pay attention to and avoid.

High-heeled shoes - if you can't step on it, you can't lift it up and ask what you shouldn't wear when you drive. Beautiful high-heeled shoes can make women's legs become more straight, abdomen and hip, create a sigmoidal lordosis after the shape, there is temperament! However, driving a car here is a beautiful killer.

The high heel makes it impossible for the foot to step on the footboard properly. In an emergency, it cannot be stepped on. This is like a brick under the sole of a shoe. Even if you step on the pedals, it's estimated that your feet are feeling cramped, and it's easy to crunch when you're forced. Due to the limited bending of the foot, when the pedal is lifted, the heel of the foot will become vacant. In this case, the angle of the pedal cannot be well controlled. Inaccurate control of the throttle, the brake, and the clutch is very terrible.

Platform shoes - basically no deformation, no sense of touch Each girl has several pairs of platform shoes, although the type and the high heels are completely different, but the hidden dangers in driving are similar to high-heeled shoes. The first is that very thick soles are basically not deformed. They can be described as having a very poor foot feeling. The other thing is that it is not very easy to judge the depth of the pedal, and it is easy to operate incompletely or excessively. I do not know if anybody wears a wooden mallet to drive a car. What kind of shoes can be felt underfoot at the foot?

Wide shoes that pass through wide shoes are likely to cause the feet to get stuck between the pedals or between the pedals and the right wall. It is dangerous to step on them and it is also dangerous to lift them when they need to be lifted.

Flip flops - risk of falling!

The biggest problem with wearing slippers is that the shoes and feet are not firmly fixed. Both the hard material of the sandals and the soft material of the flip-flop drive are dangerous. Although the hard material slippers can also exert strength, but in case of emergency, the feet will slip from the slippers and cause the step to be untrue; if it is a very soft flip flop, it will be more dangerous if the pedal is deformed. My friends once Personally experienced, when the brakes on the soft flip-flops folded into 90 degrees at the end, stuck between the brakes and the floor, the foot can not afford to step down and can not afford to, and are afraid to listen. For the slippers, not only the ladies need to pay attention, male compatriots who like to wear slippers to drive in the summer should also pay attention.

★ The right approach: wear flat shoes to ensure the safety of driving a variety of shoes and styles, as long as flat shoes are suitable for driving. The shoes and sneakers we usually wear are the best choices. For a beauty-loving female friend, the best way is to put a pair of flat shoes that are used for driving in the car, drive it, and get it back. This will not delay the disguise but also ensure safe driving.

This year, Nanjing, China, has taken the lead in writing the problem of wearing shoes during driving into the local traffic regulations. “You can't wear slippers or high-heeled shoes with a height of 4cm or more when you drive, otherwise the driver will be warned and fined 50 yuan,” although it sounds It's a bit ridiculous, and there are many people discussing why it is set at 4cm and how to perform it, but here we don't have to tangle it. The starting point of this regulation is very good, indicating that relevant departments have realized that high heels bring driving The serious harm. There are many things that the law can't control. It's easy to take advantage of it, but for the safety of yourself, family, and others on the road, wear suitable shoes to drive and supervise each other. Although wearing unsuitable shoes for driving is mainly about female friends, male friends are also important. Don't wear slippers to drive, and go home to supervise your girlfriend or wife.

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