April 02, 2020

Optical splitter quotation indicator description

The optical splitter offer is one of the most important passive components in the optical fiber link, and its function is to split one light into multiple outputs in a certain proportion. Optical splitters are similar to splitters and distributors in cable transmission networks. In practical applications, optical splitters are often used to split the optical signal output from the optical transmitter into several outputs with different intensities. The optical output is transmitted all the way to more distant devices. Near distance, so that all optical nodes can get approximately equal optical power. Before designing the optical splitter, it must be familiar with the optical splitter specifications. Its main indicators are the following:

1, additional loss optical splitter to the input optical signal in accordance with the predetermined split ratio for each branch is allocated, the optical signal through the optical splitter in addition to splitting loss, there are optical splitter itself to the optical signal The loss is called the optical splitter additional loss.

The additional loss is the most basic technical indicator of the splitter, and it has intrinsic links with other performance indicators. Therefore, the additional loss is not only a measure of the optical performance of the device, but more importantly it is also intrinsically linked to the device's seismic performance, temperature stability, and lifetime. For this reason, when we use optical splitters, we must strictly screen this indicator for manufacturers.

2. Ratio of optical power splitting ratio of optical splitter to each branch optical power is called splitting ratio, which is defined as the ratio of the output optical power of an output end of the optical splitter to the total output optical power of the output end of the optical splitter. .

This indicator is the most important design index parameter of the optical link and is explained in detail later.

3. Deviation of spectroscopic ratio The spectrophotometric deviation refers to the deviation between the actual spectroscopic ratio and the design value when the splitter is manufactured. This deviation makes one light increase and the other light decrease. Essentially it does not affect the total output power.

Because the distances from the transmitter to the optical nodes are different, in order to ensure that the received power of the receiver is consistent, the splitter ratio of the splitter should correspond to the transmission distance. That is, the longer the transmission distance is, the larger the ratio of the splitting light to the optical path is. If there is an error between the actual splitter and the designed split ratio, the received power at the receiving end will be inconsistent. At present, domestic manufacturers are fully capable of controlling the split ratio error of 1×N optical splitter within ±0.5%.

4. Divided light loss Divided light loss: The loss of the optical signal generated by different splitting ratios is called splitting loss. Its value is -10 lgK (K is the splitting ratio).

5. Insertion Loss The insertion loss includes two parts: the splitting loss and the additional loss, that is, the insertion loss (dBm) = -10 lgk + additional loss.

The year of 1999, baking-free brick have been put forward in the first time, by Shine machinery. People in construction industry all wish to know more about baking-free brick, which is the trend of society development. The reason of the widely use for baking-free brick, is the 3 big difference compared with baked brick, as follow:
1.Raw materials
Baking-free brick(block): Choose the construction waste, stonework waste, fly coal ash, dry slag, boiler slag, etc to make the brick.
2. Investment
Baking-free brick(block): A concrete block making machine cost less investment while maximize the capacity of the brick making mahcine.
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