April 02, 2020

Propelling Big Exposure of Truck Engine Country Six Emissions Information

Recently, Yuan Ying, a researcher of the Environmental Standard Institute of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, conducted a special report on this issue on the “Conference on the Reform and Extension Service of Commercial Vehicles and Supporting Power Supply Side” jointly organized by the China Automotive Industry Association and China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association.

In the report, Yuan Ying revealed that the six emission standards for trucks in China are, in principle, the essence of European and American emission standards, combined with the national conditions, to significantly reduce NOx and PM emissions. “At present, we have completed the preliminary study and the opening of the argument, and strive to publish the draft for consultations in the middle of this year (June to July), and complete the preparation work within the year. Allow enterprises to allow sufficient time for product development and preparation, and also to meet emission reductions in key regions. The need to implement standards in advance."

Ms Yuan Ying, a researcher of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, is conducting a special report Ms Yuan Ying, a researcher of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, is conducting a special report

The necessity of tightening emission standards

The emission reduction potential of heavy-duty vehicles is huge. The tightening of emission standards for heavy-duty commercial vehicles is the focus of upgrading the entire emission standards.

According to statistics, NOx emissions from heavy vehicles account for 78% of all motor vehicle emissions and PM emissions account for 82% of all motor vehicle emissions. Diesel vehicle ownership only accounts for 14.1% of total car ownership, but it is the most important NOx and PM emission source for automobiles. NOx accounts for 69.2%, and PM accounts for more than 99%.

In addition, in the Outline of the 13th Five-Year Plan issued by the two conferences this year, a very clear requirement was put forward for the implementation of the Sixth National Standard. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, “accelerate the phase-out of yellow-label vehicles and old vehicles, implement the Sixth National Emission Standard, and Oil standards."

This is the first time in the outline of the five-year plan that the implementation of automobile emission standards was mentioned. Such a clear attitude also shows that implementation of the S6 emission standards during the 13th Five-Year Plan period is imperative.

How Does the Sixth National Emission Standard Progress?

From the formulation of ideas, the basic content of the National Sixth Standard includes emission limits, measurement cycles, and references to Euro 6 heavy-duty engine emission standards. Compared with Euro 5, Euro VI has a subversive change, which is reflected in the introduction of new concepts, new requirements, new working conditions, and application of new technologies.

The purpose is to adopt the most advanced emission control technology to drastically reduce the emissions of NOx and PM; to control the emissions from actual use, it is helpful to environmental protection supervision.

After the application of electronic control technology, on the one hand, it helps to reduce emissions, but there are also phenomena of cheating and adopting failure strategies. Similar problems have also occurred in the emission regulations implemented in Europe and the United States. Emissions measurement data on the gantry are very good. There have been many problems after being on the road, and it is even worse than the emission levels of Euro 3 and Euro 2. Yuan Ying said, "Controlling emissions in use is the biggest change in philosophy."

In order to achieve supervision during use, SVI6 intends to increase corresponding management and control requirements: OBD improvement to ensure timely detection and maintenance of faults in emissions; vehicle supervision and inspection methods, clear responsibility of vehicle companies, and provide methods for vehicle supervision and inspection Emissions warranty period requirements, enhance production companies environmental responsibility.

Specifically, NOx and PM, which include pollutant emission reduction targets, will be reduced by more than 60% from the national five-phase phase, increasing the number of particulate matter (PN) limits, which means guiding the use of DPF; the engine's standard measurement cycle, the application of WHTC for transient cycles, Steady-cycle application of WHSC, more emphasis on low-speed and low-load proportion, which helps to evaluate the low-temperature performance of the catalyst, assess cold-start emissions; introduce non-standard cycle emission requirements of the engine to prevent it from acting only under certified conditions, and randomly measure 3 cells For the 15 operating points, emissions must meet the limits;

OBD control prompt system requirements, increase vehicle OBD and NOx prompt system detection, remote OBD monitoring function; NOx control prompt system requirements, for the vehicle user settings, urge users to add qualified urea in time to ensure the normal operation of SCR; vehicle emission control requirements, The vehicle road test (PEMs) for vehicles and vehicles, and the requirements for high altitudes are also proposed; the laboratory emission test method for complete vehicles is added. The basic working condition is C-WTVC, which is an optional measurement method for supervisory inspections;

Emission durability requirements, covering almost the entire service life, more attention to emissions during use; emissions warranty period, increase emission control related parts and components projects, during the warranty period, production companies should assume environmental responsibility, manufacturers provide quality assurance; dual-fuel engine And automotive technical requirements, emission limits and OBD and other special requirements.

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