April 02, 2020

·The first domestic 4×2 center axle car was officially listed

A few days ago, China’s first 4×2 center-mounted axle car was officially launched, and China National Heavy Duty Truck opened the new era of the center-mounted axle car with the attitude of the leader.
This car was jointly developed by China National Heavy Duty Truck and Tianjin Raul Industrial Co., Ltd. It is the first batch of mid-mounted axle car vehicles in China, which has been mass-sold.
Tianjin Raul Industrial Co., Ltd. is a unit specializing in the modification of the car. In order to adapt to the new GB1589 regulations, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Sales Department and Tianjin Raul Industrial Co., Ltd. have cooperated strategically since 2014. In response to the special requirements of vehicles for transporting axle-mounted trailers, the two parties successfully developed a series of advanced technologies in the second half of 2016 after project demonstration, research and development, production, manufacturing, various tests, and announcements. Central axle car train.
The car adopts the German Mercedes-Benz technology cab, which is small, ensuring that the height of the top of the cab is not more than 2.65 meters from the ground. The MC07 engine with German technology is 310 horsepower. The engine has high power and large torque in the economic zone. It has the characteristics of quick acceleration, economical economy, etc. The chassis has a weight of 5.65 tons, which is 550 kilograms lighter than domestic similar products. The main vehicle has a weight of 10.02 tons. The two-axle central axle trailer has a weight of 7.7 tons, and the vehicle quality can reach 18.28 tons.

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