June 06, 2020

What is a rice mill? What are the safety precautions for rice grinders?

Rice mills are also called small rice mills, small rice mills, etc. It is a new product designed and produced for the one-time completion of rice shelling and white rice milling. Rice mills are widely used in rice harvesting, rice processing and other departments to judge the quality of rice (yellow kernels, lesions, belly whites and imperfect grains), with higher rate of shelling and whitening, greater sampling volume, and less broken rice It shows the actual rice milling effect, convenient operation and less flying dust. It can be said to be the ideal equipment for rice quality testing.

Rice mill

What is said above is the rice mill, and then what are the safety precautions for the rice mill? Rice mill is a very small precision rice machine, its safety performance is relatively high, but because the use of the instrument will involve the use of electricity, so the operation process requires special attention to electricity safety, especially the need to pay attention to two points . The first rice grinding machine uses 220V AC power, so when using it, it should be using a power outlet and power cord with a grounding wire. Secondly, during the feeding and discharging process, be sure to turn off the power switch. To avoid risk of electric shock.

In addition, the rice grinder uses the mechanical principle to complete the whitening process of rice. Therefore, with the extension of its use time, the processing part of the rice grinder will generate high temperatures due to high-speed operation for a long time. At this time, it is necessary to avoid touching the instrument. This part of the body to avoid the risk of burns. However, with the use of new technology and new materials, rice grinders have been significantly improved in terms of safety and operability. Inspectors can use this instrument to quickly obtain the desired test results, greatly improving the detection of food quality. Efficiency and precision, but in spite of this, safe use is still the first point in the operation process, and operators need to keep in mind that they must not be taken lightly.


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