June 06, 2020

Strengthening the construction of agricultural science and technology support system Guo Sherong put forward three suggestions

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] A substantial increase in agricultural science and technology innovation capability is an important part of the comprehensive implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy, and an inevitable way for the transformation and upgrading of agricultural development. “Yang Ling, as a demonstration zone for agricultural high-tech industries established in China, shoulders the national mission of supporting the development of modern agriculture in arid and semi-arid regions.

Strengthening the construction of agricultural science and technology support system Guo Sherong put forward three suggestions

In recent years, Yangling Demonstration Zone has seized the opportunity of construction of Yangling Area in China (Shaanxi) Free Trade Zone, focusing on the comprehensive development of agricultural industrial system, production system and management system, reforming modern farms, safe agricultural products, professional farmers and property rights system. Significant achievements have been made in the business of “Farming” with financial innovations. Guo Sherong, deputy of the National People's Congress and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yangling Agricultural High-tech Industry Demonstration Zone, said in an interview.
"The word 'Nong' is the industry and cannot be separated from the support of advanced technology." Guo Sherong said that China's agricultural science and technology innovation system is not complete, and there are still some institutional obstacles. For example, the main body of agricultural science and technology innovation is not clear enough, and it lacks a correct understanding of the particularity of public agricultural research institutions, thus affecting the support for the nature, positioning and related policies of agricultural research institutes. At the same time, agricultural research institutions have long-term management and scattered power, and it is difficult to form an overall synergy, segmentation, multi-sector management, and scientific and technological resources are difficult to share and flow.
The combination of scientific research and promotion is not close enough. There is a need for deviation between project declaration and production. It can solve practical production problems, farmers' popular cultivation techniques, germplasm resources protection, disaster prevention and mitigation research projects, etc. Independent of each other, it is difficult to produce synergies. The guarantee of agricultural science and technology conditions can not effectively adapt to the needs of modern science and technology development, lack of pilot bases for results transformation, positioning experiments, etc., and the introduction of high-quality agricultural science and technology talents is difficult. The number of enrollment in agricultural majors has decreased, and the supply of agricultural science and technology reserves has been insufficient.
To better solve the above problems, it is especially important to strengthen the agricultural science and technology support system. In this regard, Guo Sherong proposed this year to strengthen the construction of agricultural science and technology support system.
Guo Sherong suggested that the first is to strengthen the understanding of the "subject" of agricultural science and technology innovation and improve the investment mechanism of agricultural research. The agricultural scientific research and research cycle is long and slow, and the service target is “three rural”, which reflects social benefits. Therefore, we should firmly adhere to the position of purely public welfare nature of the society, adhere to the government investment, and create a favorable policy environment for the scientific development of agricultural research institutes.
“Enterprises are the mainstay of transforming agricultural scientific and technological achievements. Farmers are the mainstay of applying agricultural scientific and technological achievements. The investment mechanism of existing agricultural research funds should be improved, and the proportion of investment in agricultural research funding should be guaranteed through legislation to ensure that 1/3 of science and technology funds are applied. The Agricultural Science and Technology Special Action, one-third of the special funds of the key laboratories are used for the construction of key agricultural laboratories, and the Natural Science Foundation supports the basic research of agricultural science and technology with a ratio of not less than 20%."
Guo Sherong suggested that it is necessary to reform the investment methods of agricultural research funds and improve the efficiency of capital use. Renovate the existing research funding competition for the agricultural research institutions to directly report the annual budget and implement; or not less than 80% of the total amount of government investment in agricultural research, directly extract agricultural research units, for the basic application of agricultural research, strategy High-tech research, major technical research and public application technology research. Relevant management departments can increase the tracking and supervision of the use of funds.
The second is to innovate the system and mechanism, promote the combination of scientific research and promotion, and gradually form a scientific and technological support system for research and integration. In order to comply with the needs of modern agricultural development, it is a trend to integrate agricultural science and technology resources and strength. It is recommended to establish a comprehensive local agricultural research institution for large-scale agriculture, implement direct management of local governments, and enhance the capacity of comprehensive innovation services. At the same time, actively create conditions to promote the integration of local agricultural research institutes. Focusing on the long-term, we will explore the establishment of a new system of science and technology for agriculture that integrates research and promotion, promote the close integration of agricultural science and technology innovation platform and technology promotion system, and form a new pattern of innovation source, medium promotion platform and service base to establish modern agriculture. The industrial technology support system is a breakthrough and the agricultural science and technology innovation system is improved. Promote the joint implementation of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Agricultural Science and Technology Institute of the prefecture, implement a dual management system with local governments, and form a modern agricultural industrial technology support system with the national and provincial agricultural science colleges as the leader and the local agricultural science and technology institute as the skeleton. Improve the ability of agricultural science and technology innovation.
The third is to adapt to the requirements of modern agricultural development and new rural construction, and strengthen the protection of scientific and technological innovation conditions. It is necessary to improve the scientific research conditions of agricultural research institutes, increase financial support for the construction of scientific research and test bases, the normal maintenance of laboratories, the protection of germplasm resources, and the construction of demonstration transformation bases; help solve fixed research and experimental land, and improve the shortage of experimental land. problem. Establish special funds for talents and strengthen the introduction of agricultural science and technology talents. Appropriately relax policies in terms of staffing, professional titles, etc., and liberalize the autonomy of the employers. It is recommended to set up a special fund for agricultural science and technology talents in the special funds for government talents to introduce high-level talents for agricultural research. Improve the treatment of agricultural science and technology personnel, increase the construction of talented apartments, and enable the imported talents to be retained and used.

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