June 06, 2020

Turning the rhythm? Zhongda Motors Announces Finding Partners

Zonda Motors established a commercial vehicle manufacturing base in Jiangsu in May 2004. Relying on its own technical center, two product research and development departments and the postdoctoral scientific research workstation of Zhongda Group, a cathodic electrophoretic coating production line for the entire domestic large passenger vehicle was built. It has three complete modern production lines and industry-leading automated testing equipment for complete welding, painting and final assembly.

A few days ago, Zonda Bus is actively seeking partners. According to the introduction of Zonda Bus, many companies that are currently willing to invest in the development of the Chinese University of Singapore and seek cooperation for a win-win situation are already in existence, and some are currently negotiating, but the resolutions have not been resolved and progress has been slow. The status quo of Zonda Industrial Group Company does not allow for long delays. In order to quickly start the resumption of production of Zonda Motors, it is planned to seek more partners from outside and compete for opportunities.

Zhongda Automobile Production Resumption Plan:

According to the spirit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China in No. 39, in order to seek a cooperative partner, a special reproduction plan is formulated as follows:

First, the advantages of China University

For many reasons, CUHK discontinued production in 2012/2013. Once the production resumes, the advantages of CUHK can play an important role.

1, has the vehicle production qualification. Zhongda Yanjing Co., Ltd. (Registry: Beijing) can produce 6-18m city buses and 6-12m road passenger cars (including light fuel) and has the qualifications for the production of passenger cars and light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks. These production qualifications It is even more valuable to set up a company. With this qualification, it can achieve 100 billion sales.

2, has the traditional passenger car production qualification. Zhongwei Company (Registration place: Yancheng)

It can produce 6-18 meters city buses and 6-10 meters road buses. So far, 18 meters of city buses have been operating for 8 years and everything is normal.

3, has a pure electric passenger car production qualification. Zhongwei Company can produce 6-18 meters

Pure electric city bus and 6-10m highway bus. Zonda pure electric buses continue to operate in Beijing for 500 kilometers and operate normally in the low temperature environment of -30 degrees Celsius. The 12 meters pure electric city bus has been successfully marketed in China for more than 5 years. It is still the only one in the country.

4. Lithium battery laboratory and production experience with new energy buses.

5, has 5000-10000 Taiwan production sites and factories.

6. The elite R&D team and mechanic production team of passenger cars and pure electric vehicles.

7, has a more complete domestic and international marketing network and a fairly mature service system model.

8. With the famous "Zhongda" brand and China's well-known trademark, the "Zhongda" brand value has ranked 79th among China's top 500 companies. The corporate culture of Zonda University has won many awards nationwide.

Second, the operating path:

1, equipment to fill. Zhongwei's current plant can be quickly put into production. According to the spirit of No. 39 document and high-quality high-grade manufacturing positioning, the equipment needs to be filled and filled.

2. Establish a system. According to Document No. 39, the production system, marketing system, demonstration system, prototype vehicle system, and declaration system should be started in an orderly manner as soon as possible.

3, external communication. Integrate high-quality resources with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, related departments of the auto industry, industry associations, and local governments to conduct extensive communication and liaison, and form a good external environment as soon as possible.

4, preservation of qualifications. Document 39 will be implemented from July 1, 2017. Therefore, the application materials must be reported to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before July 1, and all preparations for the prototype and new energy prototype cars should be started at the same time so as to maintain the qualifications and enter the announcement directory.

5, a comprehensive distribution. In accordance with the requirements of the investors' partners and the opportunity of adjusting the industrial layout of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, we have accelerated the deployment of the Greater Yanjing in the hands of the government and set aside the national distribution and even overseas distribution work, laying the foundation for the next 3-5 years of development.

6. Solve the 00909 problem.

Additional special research needs to be discussed.

Third, the premise to achieve the operating path

After the above directional path is approved, it is necessary to further clarify the specific tasks, job responsibilities, persons responsible, timetable, and safeguard measures of each link. However, there are prerequisites for implementing this path:

1. There are 340 million bank loans and borrowed society in the name of “Zhongwei”

Capital (principal), of which: Bank 200 million, Social funds 140 million.

2. The social security and wages of the 40 million employees in the name of Zhongwei must be resolved.

3. In the "Zhongwei" name, 160 million worth of payables (suppliers) must be repaid.

4. Since the elites of the former Zhongda University are now scattered throughout the country, they have expressed their willingness to return to each other in varying degrees. Therefore, if the operation of the new company starts, it will require some up-front capital to ensure that their worries are resolved.

The above fees are "opening" funds and it is best to advance them first. Otherwise, it will be difficult to carry out the start-up work. The funds advanced can be regarded as a temporary loan for the China University of Finance and Economics (specific measures can be further discussed). The approximate costs for operation are: (1) The cost of “opening the door” is about 500 million yuan; (2) The filling and repair of equipment, test sites, testing and reporting announcements, etc., are approximately 35 million; (3) Sample car inputs required for reporting About 20 million; (4) The first year of 1,500 units of working capital of 570 million. That is, the first phase of investment must reach 550 million or more, and it can gradually reach 1.05-1.25 billion in phases later.

IV. Three-year forecast for operation (10,000 yuan)
In the first year, the company plans to produce 1,500 units: 1,000 fuel trucks and 500 new energy sources, of which 30% will be exported.

In the second year, the company plans to produce 3,000 units: 1,500 fuel vehicles and 1,500 new energy vehicles (of which more than 40% will be exported)

In the third year: It is planned to produce 8,000 units: 3,000 fuel vehicles and 5,000 new energy sources (of which more than 40% will be exported)

V. Use and supervision of funds after operation

1. Scenario 1: Both parties shall jointly supervise financial organizations.

2. Option 2: The investor sends a financial group to operate.

3. Option 3: Both parties request the financial company to operate.
9. Brief description of the assets of the University of China

1, part of the tangible assets.

Zhongda tangible assets statistics (unit: square meter)

2. Some intangible assets

Zhongda famous brand, well-known trademark, brand value, listed company, corporate culture, etc.

3, part of the potential assets

Of the 565 acres of land in the University, nearly 500 acres are land that the government has already decided to retreat into two, and the surrounding areas have changed their "identities."
February 28, 2017

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