April 05, 2020

The reason why the whole screen of the LED unit board is not bright or dark

LED cell boards fall into two categories. The indoor unit board is generally referred to as a three-in-one surface sticker; outdoor and semi-outdoors are generally referred to as modules. The characteristics of the indoor surface paste: high image clarity, rich colors, lack of high prices; outdoor and semi-outdoor module cell board features: high brightness, waterproof, rich colors, the lack of installation requires technical guidance. What are the reasons why the whole screen of the LED display unit board is not bright or dark?

1. Visually inspect the power supply cable, the 26P cable between the unit boards, and the power module indicator.

2, using a multimeter to measure the normal voltage of the unit board, and then measure the power module voltage output is normal, if not, then determine the power module is bad.

3, measuring the power module voltage is low, adjust the fine-tuning (that is, the power module near the pilot light at the fine-tuning) so that the voltage reaches the standard.

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Nitrogen Purity Analyzer

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Oxygen Analyzer

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