April 05, 2020

Three minutes take you to understand what is a special car

Once Xiaobian was a female compatriot and was also a small white in the automotive field. He came to our China Automotive Network. Under the growing influence of the environment, I started to learn a little about the car, especially when I was on the edge of the car. Special car.

Maybe for those who only visit the car home, easy car network, Pacific car, for the special car is certainly not very understanding, but for friends who love the car network in China is certainly more than they know. Because our car network has a broad mind and draws on the knowledge of all the automotive industry, you can learn about cars, electric cars, buses, special cars, motorcycles, trucks, and so on. Only you can't think of us. Less than ~~


But today Xiaobian just wants to talk about special vehicles for everyone, because the special vehicles are special, which cannot be compared with other vehicles. The official definition of it is: "The device has special equipment and special functions, and it is used to undertake special transportation tasks or special operations and other special-purpose vehicles." In fact, it is simply a specific-purpose vehicle. What is meant by a specific purpose? That is, in daily understanding, the car is either manned or shipped, while a special car is a car that is used for a specific job. It may not carry people or goods, such as our most common garbage trucks. It is specifically for loading and unloading garbage.

Special vehicles are generally divided into two categories. One is vehicles that are adapted to transport goods of different nature, status, and specific requirements. Examples include tank trucks that transport inflammable and explosive dangerous goods; such as transporter trucks that transport livestock, livestock, and the like. The second category is for a particular operation, modified to add a vehicle with special work equipment. For example, sprinklers with sprinkler functions, refrigerated trucks with refrigerated functions, cement mixers for the engineering industry, and even police cars, fire engines, ambulances, etc., are all special work done through modification and addition of special workers.

The special car is generally composed of a chassis and tops. The chassis generally uses a second-class general cargo carrier (cab, tire, and girder only) as the main transportation power for special vehicles. Tops are the main functional equipment for special vehicles.

Special vehicles are the product of rapid development of urban construction and services, giving a huge demand space and a broad market for special vehicles. Special vehicles also bring the most modern and effective work tools to various industries.

At present, the introduction of China's five emission standards and the country's support for the new energy industry, we can see from this that the new energy of special vehicles is also a necessary path for future development. The existence of special vehicles is also essential.

Maybe for the great gods, Xiao Bian this is a mistake in the Banmen. What is wrong with the younger brother?

Give everyone a patience to read the article! !


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