April 05, 2020

Unclear wrecker definition leads to sky-price trailer fees

With the improvement of the living standards of our residents and the continued advancement of urbanization, the number of new cars and the number of private cars have continued to increase, and all kinds of traffic and freight vehicles related to people’s livelihood have continued to increase, which has also contributed to traffic accidents. The number of events such as vehicle failures has increased. The “high-price trailer fees” generated by car rescues and obstacle-free activities are often the headlines of the news.

Most of the people (including some news media) are not "righteous indignation" about this "high-price trailer" attitude, but as an author working in the wrecker industry for many years, they have a split view of "astronomical trailer fees." . On the one hand, there are indeed a large number of wreckers and rescue companies that are conscientiously arbitrarily charging the owners; on the other hand, the rescue costs of some formal wreckers and rescue companies are also subject to ordinary people, and even some news media, to the wreckers rescue project. The high fees and charges do not comprehend and cause considerable "misunderstandings".

In the eyes of the average person, the wrecker is a kind of “trailer”, which is used to “carry”, “pull” or “back load” the transport of the accident vehicle or the fault vehicle through some kind of equipment on the wrecker. Therefore, whether a wrecker is a “carrying,” “dragging,” or “backing,” an accident vehicle or a faulty vehicle, if it is only a few kilometers, tens of kilometers, or even hundreds of kilometers of the trailer, it will produce The cost is basically the same as the cost incurred when the truck is fully loaded and transported. It is absolutely impossible and there should not be a “high price” fee. Indeed, it is impossible and will not provide "astronomical" fees for formal evacuation and rescue companies.

It is precisely because of this that local government departments or the TARPA, in order to regulate the local tow-removal toll fees, issued a number of "trailer starting prices" such as taxi fares in the form of government documents or trade associations. Charge rules. However, these documents or rules are all equivalent to the operation of taxis or freight cars. This is essentially still regards the trailer as a kind of special transportation vehicle that charges according to the "mileage for driving mileage" instead of a dedicated working vehicle.

If the wrecker used the wrecker's own equipment or called other equipment (such as a car crane) before "carrying", "dragging" or "carriage back" of the accident car, the accident vehicle was made necessary and If necessary, such as salvation, righting, and dragging, the cost of the entire rescue effort will not be the cost of a single trailer. It will also require the cost of salvation, righting, etc., and sometimes salvation. The cost of projects such as Fuzheng will be much greater than the cost of the trailer. Because rescue, righting and other obstacle-free activities require more than just equipment and tools, they need professional skills and experience to ensure safe and efficient operations and avoid secondary accidents.

 Butt Weld Cross

     Different from tees, crosses are four outlets. According to difference of outside diameter for each outlet, there are Butt Weld Equal Cross and Butt Weld Reducing Cross. For equal cross, the size for connecting run pipes are same. But for reducing cross, the size for connecting branch pipe is smaller than run pipe`s.

pipe cross

The materials of pipe cross are carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. Manufacture standards are ASME, GB, JIS, DIN, GOST etc. Similar to other pipe fittings, there are Seamless Pipe cross and weld pipe cross. They shall be directly welded with steel pipes and have many applications, like petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, construction etc.

stainless steel cross

Butt Weld Cross

Butt Weld Equal Cross,Tee Cross,Butt Weld Reducing Cross

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