April 05, 2020

Valve electric installation durable life test method

Application scope:

This standard specifies the terms and definitions for the life test of the valve electromotive device, test requirements, test items, test methods, test reports and test records.

This standard applies to the whole life test of the valve electric device (hereinafter referred to as the electric device).

Common terms:

1. Lifetime --- The change of the opening and closing torque of the analog valve of the electric device is performed by the switching cycle operation, and the opening and closing is performed once until the total number of times of the electric device is switched off when the prescribed performance is lost.

2. Operating torque—a reference value for the life test of the electric device. The value is 1/3 of the nominal torque of the electric device.

Sample requirements:

1. Load characteristics When the life test of the electric device is performed, it is operated with the operating torque and is turned off with the nominal torque. If it is expressed in terms of thrust, it runs at about 1/3 nominal thrust and closes with nominal thrust.

The maximum error of the running torque during the life test should be no more than 5% of the nominal torque.

2. Operating time For an electric device with a full travel time of more than lOs, the operating time is 80s. Ie open lOs, stop 30s, close lOs, stop 30s.

For an electric device with a full travel time of less than lOs for the switch operation, the full travel time of the switch is determined as the operating time, and the intermediate interval time is 30s.

3. Switch-controlled electric device In the life test, the position of the open terminal is controlled by the stroke control mechanism, and the position of the closed terminal is controlled by the torque control mechanism.

experiment method:

1. Durable life test The test environment temperature of the electric device is -10°C-35°C.

The electric device under test shall be installed on the test bench. Before the endurance test, the nominal torque test and the position control precision test of the electric device shall be carried out. The test result of the ordinary type electric device shall comply with the stipulations, and the intelligent electric device shall comply with the set; The requirements of this standard are to adjust the load, use the time relay to control the opening and closing as required, and use a counter to record the number of tests. During the test, when the motor of the electric device is hot, it can be stopped, and the motor can be cooled and then tested; it can also be forcedly cooled by the circulating water in the motor casing to continue the test; other tests are required to be executed according to the technical agreement signed by the user.

When the following conditions occur, the life of the electric device is terminated and the test should be terminated at this time:

a) Failure of any component of the electrical device;

b) Abnormal phenomena such as jamming, abnormal sound, etc. occur during operation of the electric device.

2. Torque test For the ordinary type valve electric device, after the life test, the nominal torque value of the electric device is measured without adjusting the position of the torque switch. The result should meet the requirements.

For smart valve electric devices, the torque test results after the life test should meet the requirements.

For specific details, please contact the Technical Department of Jinan Zhongchuang Industrial Test System Co., Ltd.

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