January 28, 2022

Advantages of inner ring type stainless steel high viscosity pump

NYP series stainless steel high-viscosity pump adopts high-viscosity pump technology, and is produced on the basis of the original process improvement, design and production of high-viscosity pumps specially designed for the domestic high-viscosity medium industry. The high-viscosity pump can be widely used in various Hard particles of high viscosity, high consistency, easy to crystallize the transport pressure conditions; due to the high viscosity pump internal gear gap can be removed without pumping, according to the viscosity of the medium to adjust the viscosity of the site, so this high viscosity pump Can also be applied to the delivery of various low viscosity media. NYP high-viscosity pump series products can be equipped with a heat-insulated jacket device at the same time. When using, the medium with high viscosity or easy to crystallize can be insulated with heat-conducting oil or steam to achieve a good conveying effect. At the same time can choose a variety of corrosion-resistant materials, to meet the needs of a variety of corrosive occasions.

Inner Ring Type Stainless Steel High Viscosity Pump is specially used for conveying high viscosity, high concentration polymerization medium and similar lubricity medium. Stainless steel high viscosity pump is equipped with insulation jacket and can also be used to transport high viscosity medium which is crystallized or easily solidified under normal temperature. , With large flow, no pulse, high efficiency, long life and other characteristics. NYP series internal meshing high viscosity pump product overview: NYP series internal mesh stainless steel high viscosity pump scope of application: suitable medium temperature: -10 °C -150 °C; for medium viscosity: 1.0cst-300,000cst. NYP series internal meshing high viscosity pump structure: suitable for petroleum, chemical, paint, grease, medicine, dyes, food and other industries.

The advantages of NYP series internal meshing high viscosity pumps:

(1) NYP-type internal meshing high-viscosity pumps are mainly composed of internal and external rotors, shafts, pump bodies, pump covers, brackets, seals, and bearings. (2) The delivery liquid is stable, no pulsation, little vibration and low noise. The rotational speed and flow rate of the high-viscosity pump have a linear function, and the flow rate of the pump can be changed by changing the speed appropriately. Particularly suitable for the delivery of high viscosity media. The shaft end uses a mechanical seal. In general, the heavier the pump casing of the gear pump, the higher the temperature and pressure resistance. The pump body material is usually made of ductile iron, and can also be made of cast aluminum alloy die cast or extruded aluminum alloy profiles. When the transported media is corrosive, higher cost stainless steel materials may be used. In foreign high-viscosity gear pumps, alloy steels containing high amounts of nickel and chromium are commonly used as the pump housing materials. This material has good comprehensive performance in terms of strength, reliability, and cost. In order to solve the phenomenon of trapped oil in the gear pump, a symmetrical unloading tank is usually opened on the pump cover, or an asymmetric unloading tank is opened in the direction of the low pressure side. The conical unloading tank is used on the liquid suction side, and the discharge side is rectangular unloading. The depth of the grooves and relief grooves is also deeper than the gear pumps used in the hydraulic industry. Due to the higher viscosity of the medium delivered by the high-viscosity pump, the medium must be heated or insulated in order to reduce the flow resistance and increase the pump suction capacity. Electric heating is usually used to make the viscous liquid heated evenly. If the temperature does not fluctuate, and the highly viscous liquid being transported is prone to degradation, fluid heating is recommended, especially for gear pumps with large displacements. Fluid heating is divided into built-in, external structure. The so-called built-in type refers to the design of the hot sleeve inside the gear pump body or the end cap, and the external type is to connect the hot sleeve and the pump body together through bolts. Whether steam, thermal oil, or cooling water is introduced into the jacket depends on the specific conditions of the medium. The built-in type is suitable for applications where the temperature uniformity of the liquid to be delivered is high, or where uniform cooling of the hot liquid is required. When the electric heating method lacks safety or the temperature control requirements are not high, an external structure can be used. The gear pump of the internal gear pump produced by VIKING Company in the United States can control the temperature of the conveying fluid, and can be equipped with an external jacket in both high and low temperature environments. In fluid delivery systems, rapid changes in fluid velocity, flow, and pressure, bursting of air bubbles, and alternating loads are common causes of noise. Gear pumps that deliver highly viscous liquids are the main source of system noise. The maximum allowable noise of a high-viscosity pump operating in open air should be less than 90 dB. Otherwise, the noise source should be actively or passively deterred, and the working time when the worker is directly exposed to the noise environment should be reduced. If you can't really control the noise, you should also take hearing protection measures. If there is abnormal noise in the high-viscosity gear pump during operation, it should be stopped immediately. Reasonably determine the working speed of the gear pump so that the rotation of the gear and the shaft can avoid the meshing resonance frequency, which can prevent the noise from increasing. This is because resonance tends to occur when the meshing frequency is close to the natural frequency of the gear train. The use of appropriate vibration isolation techniques can prevent vibration from being transmitted to adjacent structures. Therefore, the gear pump and the drive motor should be connected through a flexible coupling and installed on the same base plate to ensure the coaxiality. The base plate is mounted on the elastic support and can further improve the vibration isolation effect. An expansion chamber or accumulator is provided on the outlet pipe of the gear pump to absorb the pressure fluctuation of the pump or the abrupt change of the pressure in the buffer line, which is an effective means to control the noise of the high-viscosity gear pump.

Before the stainless steel high-viscosity pump starts to run, it fills the gear pump housing with the liquid to be transported to facilitate safe start-up. If the ambient temperature is below the freezing point, hot steam must be introduced into the pump in advance to perform preheating before the gear pump can be started. The direction of rotation of the high-viscosity pump is consistent with the inlet and outlet ports. If the gear pump is used for the first time or is used after being idle for a long time, it is better to run for about one hour under no-load or small-load conditions. If abnormal temperature rise, leakage, vibration, and noise are detected in advance during the run-in period, the machine should be shut down for inspection. The bearings or flanges of the high-viscosity gear pump and its drive motor should use a common installation foundation. The foundation, flange or support must have sufficient rigidity to reduce the vibration and noise generated during operation of the gear pump. The motor and gear pump must be connected by a flexible coupling with a coaxiality of less than 0.1 mm and an inclination of not more than 1 degree. Do not hit the hammer with a hammer when installing the coupling so as not to damage gears and other parts of the gear pump. If the pulley, sprocket, etc. drive should be set to support the bracket to prevent the drive gear bearing radial force. When tightening the gear pump and the motor's anchor screw, the force of the screw should be uniform and the connection is reliable. When you turn the coupling by hand, you should feel that the gear pump can easily turn, and there is no abnormal phenomenon such as clamping, and then you can pipe. High-viscosity gear pump suction pipe inside diameter should be large enough, and to avoid narrow passage or sharp turning, reduce elbow, remove unnecessary valves, accessories, reduce the pump installation height as much as possible, shorten the length of the suction pipe to reduce pressure loss. Fittings such as fittings should be well sealed to prevent air intrusion, thereby controlling the occurrence of cavitation and cavitation. Check valves and safety valves are preferably fitted with a check valve in the output line of the gear pump. In this way, when the pump and the output pipe are inspected, the liquid in the system will not be reversed. When the gear pump is stopped with a load, it can also prevent the pump from being reversed and generate a partial vacuum in its output pipe. It should be noted that the outlet check valve cannot be reversed or stuck. High-viscosity gear pumps should also be provided with protective devices such as safety valves on the outlet pipe so that once the pump outlet channel is blocked, the safety valve can be opened to relieve pressure. The safety valve can be integrated with the pump body or the pump cover or it can be assembled separately. For high-viscosity gear pumps that require forward and reverse rotation, safety valves must be installed on the inlet and outlet lines.

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