April 05, 2020

Parts companies should go out and acquire European and American countries' core technologies

In recent years, due to the opening up of the Chinese auto market, almost all foreign well-known automobile parts and components companies, including the Global 500, have entered China with complete vehicle companies and have formed independent and complete parts supporting systems with complete vehicles. China's auto market has become the most competitive market in the world. Locally-owned auto parts companies are mainly targeted at domestic autonomous automakers. The automaker’s products are at the low-to-medium end of the market, and their use of autonomous auto parts companies is insufficient, and their product technology, quality, and management The improvement of the overall quality does not play a very good role in promoting. Although China's auto parts exports have greatly increased since China’s accession to the WTO, exports in 2010 reached US$36.6 billion, more than 30 times before China’s accession to the WTO. However, they are related to automobile safety, energy conservation and environmental protection in the core areas of automotive technology. The electronic control technology components are still lagging behind. This part of the products and technologies are still largely monopolized by multinational corporations, which seriously restricts the technological upgrading of China's independent enterprises and the products entering the high-end market.

Luo Baihui, secretary-general of the International Mould, Hardware and Plastics Industry Suppliers Association, pointed out that at present, the domestic market lacks a complete, stable and harmonious component supply system, and most key component core technologies are still in the hands of foreign companies. At the same time, China's automobile-related industries have not yet been able to effectively support the development of the auto parts industry, such as automotive basic raw materials (rubber, chemical, etc.), electronic components, high-end mechanical parts and molds, tools, etc. are still mainly dependent on imports There is an uncontrollability in terms of both supply and price protection.

Since the growth of the domestic auto market has slowed down this year, market demand has decreased, and competition has intensified. Foreign-funded enterprises are also developing low-cost products while continuing to expand into the low-end market while maintaining the original high-end product market. At the same time, the Chinese auto market continues to attract foreign auto parts companies, including non-mainstream auto parts companies. The market space for auto parts companies has further narrowed, the competitive pressure has increased further, and the risk of being marginalized has further increased. .

In view of the above various unfavorable factors, Luo Baihui believes that the most effective way to introduce domestic auto parts companies is to acquire small and medium-sized parts and components companies that have certain core technologies in Europe and the United States. These companies not only possess certain core technical capabilities, but also have A considerable number of brands and goodwill, but also has a good upstream and downstream customer relations and marketing network, the need for a certain strength of the Chinese parts and components companies in a global perspective of active international development.

At present, China’s auto parts market is completely open to both domestic and foreign companies. Both domestic and foreign-funded enterprises enjoy the same policy. We hope that the state will formulate more favorable incentive policies for domestic-funded enterprises and support powerful and qualified enterprises to “go out” boldly. ” Investing in foreign auto parts industry entities, the relevant national authorities should further simplify the approval procedures for outbound investments, and organize supporting foreign, legal, financial, and financial institutions to provide assistance and services to SMEs.

The Rapier Loom is the most commonly used version of shuttle-less weaving machinery. Its primary features include fast weaving speed, high level of automation, and maximum efficiency. In addition to the said characteristics which are inherited from previous shuttle-less weaving machines, the rapier loom also has its own advantage over them. For instance, its positive weft insertion mechanism is suitable for weaving a variety of fiber yarns. Moreover, the unique weft color choosing system allows maximum 16 colors of filing picks to be woven. With all those matchless features available at a low price, the loom has seed wide use in weaving dyed yarn, towel, silk weave, wool fabric, and bast fabric. It also provides an ideal solution for small batch production of fancy cloth.

Advances in weaving technology will continue to increase the variety of looms to fit the specific request of consumers. Below are the detailed descriptions of the benefits for using rapier looms

Extensive Applications
The state of the art rapier loom is no longer picky about the texture, specification, and pattern of the textile raw material, whether it be hydrophobic or hydrophilic, natural fibers like cotton, flax, wool, and silk or such chemical fibers as dacron and chinlon, super fine yarn or super bulky yarn, lightweight and thin yarn or thick and heavy weight yarn, or yarn with simple patterns or complex patterns. As long as you choose the correct machine model along with proper weaving process, you can get satisfying products.

The rapier loom when equipped with the dobby device, or rather, the electronic dobby loom allows operators to change the weaving patterns conveniently. That being said, the loom can be converted to accommodate another variety of product.

Potential Products
The quality, rich-colored fabrics manufactured by the rapier loom possess huge potential on the market. The rapier loom makes new product development a possibility.

1. Equipped with the electronic dobby system, the rapier loom can meet the rapidly-changing demands for new products. Controlled by the micro-computer, the electronic dobby system can provide various weft counts in a warp and weft weave pattern via the programming system. The wide range of complex weaving patterns create added value for the fabric manufacturer. While the dobby loom is running in faster, more accurate movement, it also increases the variations of warp patterns, thereby facilitating the development of new warp weaving process. What's more, the complex warp weaving pattern is hard to be duplicated by other manufacturers, thus protecting the new process from being copied.
2. The rapier loom relies on the rapier to carry the weft across the warp sheet. Therefore, the loom can insert literally any kind of filling picks into the warp as long as the pick can be carried by the rapier. Based on this proven theory, we can use the rapier loom to weave various stretch fabrics like the stretch poplin, stretch denim, and stretch corduroy. When weaving those fabrics, the loom has overcome the common problems such as undesired double pick and weft kink face by previous weaving machines.
3. When fitted with the highly advanced weft selection device, our electronic dobby loom can construct complex 2-pick and 3-pick weave.
4. The strong battening force and the strong temple(which can hold the whole width of the fabric and assures the fabric to be firm), along with the tall back warp beam ensure the fabric is tightened under high tension throughout the weaving process.
5. The rapier loom, when equipped with jacquard shedding system, can fabricate weave complex jacquard pattern. If used in combination with the hot cutter and heat setting device, the loom can be used to weave product trademarks. It can fabricate top-class weaves when equipped with selvedge forming device and carving device. Others can be sued to craft terry towels.

Further benefits of using the rapier loom include complete functions, high production efficiency, high automation, safe operation, low noise, and good weaving quality. Those advantages have made our rapier loom stand out from market competition.

Towel Rapier Loom

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