January 28, 2022

Luzhou Tenglong Engineering Project Successfully Held Large Equipment Lifting

On November 29th, at the site of the aromatics II tender section of the Tenglong project in Zhangzhou, Fujian, the desorbent buffer tank as the last crane in the large-scale lifting contract was safely and smoothly in place, indicating that the lifting of large-scale equipment in the Zhangzhou project was successfully announced. At this point, the Sinopec Fourth Construction Co., Ltd.'s Fujian Zhangzhou Chemical Engineering Project completed the lifting of 68 large and small towers and completed a total tonnage of 21,016 tons. No safety accidents or quality deviations occurred. The picture shows the site of the installation of the aromatic hydrocarbon II tender section of the Tenglong project in Zhangzhou, Fujian. (Qu Zhaogui\Tu Xuanwen\text)

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