December 12, 2019

Development and application of Shenjiang gas storage tank in air compressor industry

Shanghai Shenjiang Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd. products include gas storage tanks, air storage tanks, stainless steel gas storage tanks, high-pressure gas storage tanks, Shanghai Shenjiang gas storage tanks, nitrogen gas storage tanks, gas storage tanks, and pressure vessels. Shanghai Shenjiang Gas Storage Tank is the largest manufacturer of Class I and Class II air equipment (gas storage tanks) approved by the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (formerly the State Labor Bureau) for the design and manufacture of Class I and Class II pressure vessels. Shanghai Shenjiang Gas Storage Tank can produce a series of vertical storage tanks with a total capacity of more than 100 specifications from 0.3 cubic meters to 70 cubic meters. The sales network has spread to nearly 100 dealers in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide. Dozens of compressor factories across the country are supporting the production of pressure vessels for miniature air compressors. In addition, Shanghai Shenjiang gas storage tanks are designed and manufactured according to other users' requirements (pictured and sampled).

Shanghai Shenjiang Gas Storage Tank is located in the Fengjiang River Jianghai Economic Park, which is known as South Shanghai. The factory covers an area of ​​over 15,000 square meters. The main workshop covers an area of ​​more than 5,300 square meters. Now it has more than 250 employees, including More than 80 engineering and technical personnel, respectively responsible for quality assurance system, design, process, materials, welding, flaw detection, inspection, physical and chemical, measurement and other functional departments. Serious job discipline to ensure the quality of each process. After years of hard work, the product serialization has been initially realized, the testing has been standardized, and the development has been gradually progressed to mechanization and automation.

Shenjiang people have won the recognition of the majority of users with first-class product quality, first-class quality pre-sales and after-sales service, realizing the production and sales volume of gas storage tanks and the market share of the first few in the market, with reliable quality in the customer direction. Known for its good reputation, it has been assessed by various levels of government as a contract-honoring and credit-keeping advanced unit for many years. High-pressure gas storage tanks, our company manufactures and sells compressed air storage tanks, which can not only store a certain amount of gas, but also output air pressure is relatively stable, while reducing the temperature in the gas path, removing some water, dust and impurities. The gas storage tank is made of high-quality materials and uses advanced welding technology. It has passed ISO9001 certification and can pass any safety inspection. The main function of the gas storage tank is to weaken the flow pulsation discharged from the piston air compressor, improve the continuity of the output air flow and pressure stability, and further separate the moisture and oil in the compressed air to ensure continuous supply of sufficient gas. The gas storage tanks can be used in combination or in a single unit; the gas storage tanks are pressure vessels, which are produced by pressure vessel designated factories, each with a container inspection certificate and accessories such as safety valves, sewage valves and pressure gauges. The relative humidity in the moisture atmosphere is generally as high as 65%. After compression and condensation, it becomes wet saturated air and entrains a large amount of liquid water droplets. They are the root cause of corrosion of equipment, pipes and valves. Winter freezing can also block pneumatic systems. The small hole channel in the middle.

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