January 28, 2022

Chlorine-alkaline use of chemical fertilizers in certain regions is cancelled

Locals have raised electricity prices to curb the development of high-energy-consuming industries

After the National Development and Reform Commission initiated the call for electricity prices in December, as of December 5, 21 provinces such as Shaanxi, Shandong, Zhejiang, Hebei, Hainan, Anhui, Ningxia and Jilin have also announced their tariff adjustment plans. The reporter learned that the chemical industry, which is a big consumer of electricity, including small and medium-sized chemical fertilizer companies that previously enjoyed preferential tariff policies, will not only be “cared for” by the policy, but also increase the price of electricity in some provinces.

The provinces with the largest increase in on-grid tariff and sales price were Jilin and Shaanxi. Jilin Province stipulates that the on-grid electricity price of coal-fired power generation enterprises will be increased by 0.03 yuan/kWh, which is higher by an average of 15.38% higher than the national average for the on-grid tariff; Shaanxi Province will increase the average price of electricity sold by 0.0408 yuan/kwh, higher than the national average by 36%. . The smallest increase in on-grid tariff and sales price was in Anhui, which only increased by 0.018 yuan/kWh and 0.0266 yuan/kWh respectively, which was 30.77% and 11.33% lower than the national average respectively.

The increase in electricity prices is the most energy-intensive industry. For example, the price of Shandong's fertilizer production electricity was significantly increased by 0.0578 yuan/kWh, which was calculated according to the province's 6.63 million tons of synthetic ammonia production last year. After this increase in electricity price, the fertilizer industry in Shandong Province will increase the electricity cost by 52 million yuan. In Zhejiang, the average selling price of electricity was increased by 0.034 yuan/kWh, while the price of high-energy-consuming electrolytic aluminum and chlor-alkali industries was raised by 0.111 yuan/kWh and 0.073~0.078 yuan/kWh respectively. The Provincial Price Bureau stated that it will continue to implement differential electricity prices and punitive electricity price policies. In accordance with the requirements of national industrial policies, eight high-energy-consuming industries such as electrolytic aluminum, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, caustic soda, yellow phosphorus, zinc smelting, cement, and iron and steel are required. Distinguish the class, limit class, allow and encourage enterprises, implement differential electricity prices.

Judging from the published electricity price adjustment plans for 21 provinces, the average price of chemical fertilizers has been increased by 0.0388 yuan/kWh, which is equivalent to an increase of 55 yuan per ton of synthetic ammonia. According to the current national annual output of 50 million tons of synthetic ammonia, the entire nitrogen fertilizer industry will increase the cost by 2.75 billion yuan; the price of electricity in the calcium carbide and chlor-alkali industries will increase by an average of 0.045 yuan/kWh, which will increase the industrial electricity cost by 2.065 billion yuan and 297 million yuan respectively. According to the calculation of the electricity consumption of 1 ton of electrolytic aluminum at 13,000 kWh, the increase in electricity price will increase the cost of electrolytic aluminum industry by 6.3 billion yuan.

Experts pointed out that the adjustment of electricity prices throughout the country has a clear intention to control the blind development of high-energy-consuming industries. High-energy-consuming industries such as calcium carbide, yellow phosphorus, and chlor-alkali can only accelerate structural adjustment and technological progress. Through the development of circular economy, energy consumption per unit of product can be realized as soon as possible. To come down, we can resolve the cost pressure brought about by the increase in electricity prices and achieve sustainable development.

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