December 12, 2019

Carrying drives into the downstream LED industry chain and then lengthening

In 2007, Infineon began to introduce LED drivers, becoming the world's number one LED driver power company in just three years. In the market revolution in which LED lighting subverts traditional lighting, Infineon is a global technology and market leader. Infineon has become a significant player in the global LED lighting industry chain with its technological innovation advantages.
Many people know that the LED industry has good prospects, but I don't know how far it is from the outbreak of this industry. Hua Guichao is the one who is looking for a tipping point. He chose a professional driver that is good at providing power for LED lamps.
In 2007, Infineon was established in Hangzhou, the main direction is high-end LED driver. If the chip is likened to the brain of an LED, then the drive is its heart, and no one can do without it. On the basis of the existing technology, Hua Guichao led the technical team to make great efforts in product reliability and energy saving. In 2010, Huagui Chao successfully broke the embarrassing situation that the core technology in the field of LED lighting was basically mastered by foreign companies. Among the dozens of internationally renowned companies and institutions, PK has become the world's only designated LED chip driver CREE (Core) and ORSAM (Osram) the world's only designated LED power driver supplier. It currently has more than 1,600 customers in dozens of countries around the world.
In just three years, Infineon has become the global technology leader in LED lighting drivers. How to continue walking in the LED industry chain? In September 2009, Infineon took the drive to the LED lighting terminal application downstream of the industry chain.
This is a revolution that will subvert the traditional lighting industry landscape. In this trillion-dollar market, the current industry is mixed, with a small and scattered pattern. Hua Guichao said. At present, there are three 95 phenomena in the LED market: 95 companies are engaged in assembling and lacking independent intellectual property rights; 95 LED products are ineffective because the drivers are not closed; 95 companies have weak overall solution capabilities.
The future LED market is in urgent need of a leading company to promote. At this time, Infante demonstrated the determination and courage of whoever gave me the power: In the trillion market revolution in which LED lighting subverts traditional lighting, Hua Guichao decided to bring the technological advantages of the drive to the downstream terminal application market. Global technology and market leader.
However, unlike traditional LED companies, Infineon has chosen a large industrial and commercial enterprise to take advantage of its upstream and downstream advantages to make system energy-saving transformation. The start was very beautiful. Last year, Infinet stood out in the fierce competition and won the big order for all the stores in Yintai Department Store to replace LED lamps. In addition, the overall energy-saving renovation projects of many well-known commercial buildings in Zhejiang Province are also steadily advancing.

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