December 12, 2019

Heat pump market is broad and starts brand battle

Abstract: In recent years, air-energy heat pump water heaters have developed rapidly. It was learnt that the amount of domestic sales of heat pump water heaters from January to June this year increased by 67.42% year-on-year, and the growth momentum was fully bullish. In the same period, Midea's heat pump water heater sales in the first half of this year have exceeded the scale of the previous year, and it is expected to exceed 1.5 billion yuan in the whole year, more than doubled.

With regard to the energy-saving effect of heat pump water heaters, there is a specific data: Heat pump water heaters can save more than 75% energy than electric water heaters, and can save more than 50% energy compared with fuel (gas) boilers, and can save more than 30% energy than solar water heaters. With the vigorous promotion of energy-saving and low-carbon concepts, heat pump water heaters, as a new type of energy-saving products, have received extensive attention and it is reasonable. For the immediate living environment, heat pump water heaters can be regarded as a reliable future choice. However, like any new industry, heat pump water heaters also face the dilemma:

Heat pump water heaters have entered the Chinese market for nearly ten years, and the development process during this period has not been easy. Its rapid development needs policy support. In foreign countries, heat pump water heaters are supported by various policies. Whether in technology or market sales, the development of foreign heat pump water heaters is much faster than domestic ones.

Although the development of domestic heat pump water heaters is not far behind foreign policy, the support of policies has played a key role in promoting the popularity and promotion of heat pump water heaters, and has also played an encouraging role for enterprises. However, these policies are not enough for the development of the industry. The development of the heat pump water heater industry cannot rely solely on policies to develop. The development of the industry requires both policies and brands. In terms of competition, the brand is a constraint.

In the market began to show a clear trend of the opportunity, the traditional home appliances and air-conditioning brand, the United States, Gree to carry the brand advantage into the heat pump water heater industry, under the strong brand advantage, not only bring huge business opportunities for the enterprise itself, but also accelerate the development of the market.

In the field of heat pump water heaters that have yet to form a strong brand, competitive companies have greater room for development and are now gradually forming a brand-driven industry. Products can be quickly imitated and surpassed by competitors. The brand is insurmountable, so the real long-lasting competitive advantage often comes from strong brands. The industry is looking forward to the advent of the brand era.

Therefore, it can be said that whoever establishes a brand will seize the initiative in the future market competition. In the competition, the brand can achieve the ideal state of “always copied but never surpassed”.

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